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As Expected, Tamino Censored My Comment

Tamino attacked me, then censored my comment pointing out why his analysis was fatally flawed. Typical alarmist scum. New Mexico Snow | Open Mind

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Bill Gates Wants To End All Breathing

Gates tells me in his office overlooking Lake Washington in Seattle. “The right goal is not to cut our carbon emissions in half. The right goal is zero.” Bill Gates on How to Stop Global Warming | Politics | Rolling … Continue reading

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Blowtorch Needed

The Beaufort Sea is choked with 4/5 year old ice. Reggie will need a very large blowtorch this summer.

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NSIDC’s Nature Trick

NSIDC shows their Arctic graphs on a different scale from the their Antarctic graphs. Plotted at the same scale (below) it becomes clear that the poles are not melting, and people should quit obsessing over an imaginary problem.

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Murder Rates By Political Affiliation

If the FBI kept track of murder rates by political party, they would likely discover that 90+% of murders are committed by people who vote consistently Democratic, at least once per election.

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Correlation Discovered Between Unemployment And Climate Change

All of the states with highest unemployment have Democratic senators who obsess about an imaginary threat from an essential trace gas. Twitter / SteveSGoddard: @SenWhitehouse @WaxmanClimate …

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Nearing Peak For The Past Decade

COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Greenland Country Club Shut Down Today

At -67 degrees, the pro is concerned about damage to the greens. summit:status:webcam

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Drewski And Berynn Think 2013 Summer Ice Extent Was Lower Than 2007

We have a comedy routine going on another thread. March 16, 2014 at 6:28 am

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97% Of Experts Think Tamino Will Censor My Comment

New Mexico Snow | Open Mind Here is a picture I took on Sunday looking from the Quemazon burn region across the Rio Grande Valley to the deep snow on the southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains, where I used to … Continue reading

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