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President Obama Issues An Official Threat To Climate Heretics

President threatens that anyone not paying homage to the official state sponsored religion, will be punished. https://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/climatechangeactionevent/gs8fj4 In 1938, Jews were visited in Germany to show them “how foolish being a Jew really is.” http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/17536550 Hitler also made it clear that everyone … Continue reading

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Mass Hysteria If A Repeat of 1924-1936 Happened Now

From 1924 to 1936, US July temperatures rose at a mind boggling 35F/century. If this happened now there would be mass hysteria, emergency scientific conferences, and hundreds of scientists would would write peer-reviewed papers linking the warming with 100% certainty … Continue reading

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Hiding Evil Behind Cute Pictures Of Polar Bear Cubs

Progressives have pushing the global warming scam for decades, with the goal of convincing people : The oil companies who make our lives good – are evil The charlatans who want to take away our money, freedom and low cost energy – are good … Continue reading

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Coldest Five Month Period On Record In The Western Great Lakes States

This winter has obliterated all cold season records around Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie.

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Corals Are Such Delicate Creatures

Sixty years ago*, the US detonated our largest nuclear weapon at Bikini Island. Corals flourish there now. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/04/photogalleries/coral-pictures/ * Gavin says that people sixty years ago weren’t smart enough to read thermometers correctly.

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Learning To Communicate Like A Climate Criminal

Let’s extend that logic. 99.9999% of animal experts agree that Polar Bears kill people. Therefore Polar Bears are the primary cause of human death. After mastering that logic, you are qualified to be a government certified climate liar.

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Climate Experts Match Wits Vs. Corals

Climate experts tell us that 0.0001 mole fraction Mann-made CO2 is going to make corals extinct. Ignoring their adherence to the global warming religion,  0nly a complete moron would believe this – because during warmer times the range of corals expands. … Continue reading

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America’s Hottest Month – July 1901

July, 1901 was the hottest month in US history. Hundreds of animals were dropping dead in the streets of New York. http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/125511574 http://query.nytimes.com

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If The Present Refuses To Get Warmer, Then The Past Must Become Cooler

The 1930’s were the warmest decade in the US. That obliterated the $29 billion/year global warming research scam, so the scientists who rely on that money simply altered the the data. They wrote a couple of papers explaining why they … Continue reading

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Understanding Government Math

According to the White House, $17,500,000,000,000 in debt is no big deal – but 0.0001 mole fraction of Mann-made CO2 is the biggest security threat the US has ever faced.

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