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Major Hurricane Activity Is Associated With Global Cooling

One of the things I have learned from Bill Gray, is that major hurricane activity increases during cooling periods, and decreases during warming periods. During the strong cooling from 1945-1969, there were a lot of major hurricanes. In the 1970’s, … Continue reading

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Progress Over The Last 45 Years

In 1968, apes ruled the planet, and National Geographic was popular because of wonderful photography showing topless island women with perky breasts. National Geographic has since dropped the stimulating photography, and is now a sci-fi magazine with intellectual apes as editors.

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Rare Video From Obama’s Days As A Stand Up Comedian

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Experts Forecast A Possible Ice-Free Great Lakes Later This Summer

It is all thin, rotten, first year ice – in  a death spiral. http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=l&ext=ice&type=N&hr=00

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Understanding Green Energy

“I’m in the wind business … I’ve lost my ass in the business.” Host Joe Scarborough said laughing, “You’ve invested more in alternative energy than anybody else.” Pickens continued, “Obama needs to go in, study it, look at it, and … Continue reading

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WordPress Introduces Another Bug

In their endless efforts to make WordPress less useful, WordPress programmers just introduced a new bug a few minutes ago – which makes it impossible to drag links or images into a page you are writing.

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World Turns Upside Down

You know things have changed when the best rapper is white, and the best golfer is black. During the 1970’s, Pravda (Russian for “truth”) was the Soviet’s propaganda outlet. Times have changed, and now NPR is the official propaganda outlet of … Continue reading

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Climate Experts Believe That Water Mounds At One End Of The Swimming Pool

You just can’t make up stupid like “climate experts” Twitter / RTCCnewswire: Sea levels near the Philippines … Water is a low viscosity fluid, so it rapidly seeks a common level across all connected bodies. The measurement error near the … Continue reading

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Understanding The Precautionary Principle

FBI stats show that your odds of being killed by a semi-automatic rifle are close to zero. History shows us that the odds of disarmed citizens being killed by their own government are extremely high. DEATH BY GOVERNMENT: GENOCIDE AND … Continue reading

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The Global Isostatic Adjustment Scam

Alarmists cheat with almost every measurement, but none more blatant than the global isostatic adjustment (GIA) scam. The theory is that due to post-glacial rebound, land is rising and the sea floor is sinking – making the oceans deeper. So they … Continue reading

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