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The Great Gun Debate

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Mosher Still Looking For The Mid-Troposphere Cold Spot

March 8, 2014 at 3:59 pm The comparison graphs are all surface data, and global warming is supposed to be amplified in the mid troposphere.  Apparently Mosher didn’t get the memo. Actual scientists might appreciate that multiple data sources (surface/radiosonde/satellite) … Continue reading

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Why We Have A Second Amendment

What does the current uprising and subsequent bloodshed inUkraine have to do with gun rights in America? Plenty, say Second Amendment advocates. Ukraine, a nation of 45 million people, has restrictive laws governing private gun ownership. The government is in possession of more … Continue reading

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1871: New York Times Complained That Climate Change Made Winter Cold In The South

A Paradise Lost. – View Article – NYTimes.com

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1933 : Australia’s Chief Weather Expert Said That Belief In Climate Change Is An “Error Of Human Memory”


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Planet Doomed By Missing Ice Cube In The Barents Sea

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Consensus Climate Science From The 1930’s

In 1931, experts were certain that climate change was going to turn England into the Arctic, and be invaded by Polar Bears. 26 Aug 1931 – BACK TO FURS. CHANGING CLIMATE. ENGLAND’S COLD F… In 1936, experts said that climate … Continue reading

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Sochi Never Had A Chance

European winters were already hot in 1936. Sochi Olympics came 80 years too late. 01 May 1926 – CHANGING CLIMATE OF EUROPE WINTER BECOMES WARMER.

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1911 CAGW Consensus

In 1911, the consensus of climate experts determined that catastrophic climate change was caused by wireless communications 05 Oct 1911 – Wireless Changing Climate

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1945 : World’s Climate Changing, Poles Melting, Glaciers Retreating, Rivers Drying Up, Deserts Expanding


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