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New Greenland Paper Demonstrates Again That Climate Experts Know Nothing About Climate

Sea Levels To Rise More Than Expected Due To Warming-Driven Surge In Greenland Ice Loss Research had also long suggested the northeastern portion of the ice sheet was stable. As a result, it was largely left out of the models … Continue reading

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They Are Getting Nuttier By The Day

The latest trend for the AGW faithful is to refuse to believe old newspaper stories, insisting that they can only trust the sacred peer-reviewed scriptures of the prophets Mann and Hansen. The religion is becoming complete, with sin, guilt, penance, … Continue reading

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Back To The 16th Century

Greg Laden is trying to return to 16th century witch burning days with his psychotic, dishonest rantings about the weather. Are the climate science deniers criminals? Posted by Greg Laden on March 16, 2014 Our future is at risk. The … Continue reading

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