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China Had 68 Floods And Famines Between 1920 And 1936

During the kindler, gentler low CO2 years – Gaia wreaked climate chaos on the human race.     The Stanstead Journal – Google News Archive Search

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What Would Really Happen?

One of the bigger jokes in climate science now is that the missing heat is hiding at the bottom of the sea, and someday will surface again and restart global warming. But the reality is that the oceans get colder … Continue reading

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NASA Warns Of The “Relentless Rise In CO2”

Twitter / SteveSGoddard: @EarthVitalSigns This graph …

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Removing 90% Of Stations Affects The Trend

I tried an experiment to randomly remove 90% of GHCN US stations three times, using different random seeds. One run produced cooling and others produced warming. Blue is the full data set. The 90% removed leaves approximately 100 US stations, … Continue reading

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Removing Half Of All HCN Stations Has Essentially No Impact On The US Temperature

I tested out my theory, and removed every other station when calculating the US temperature. It has almost no impact on either the yearly temperature or the trend.

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Should Adding More Stations Affect The Trend?

Suppose you have four temperature stations in a relatively small geographical area, and you add a fifth in the geographic middle of the group. Should the trend change? No, it shouldn’t. The addition of the fifth station might cause the … Continue reading

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