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Lack Of Snow In Sochi Proves Global Warming

Climate experts were expecting to see snow on Soch’s palm trees The lack of snow convinced them that skiing is a thing of the past Experts also determined that a warm week in Sochi in February was indicative of a climate … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Summers Are Much Cooler Than They Were In The Past

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Please, Stop The Stupid

The conversation on the Venus thread has gone way past my tolerance for stupid. Venus is not a closed system. It is located near this object – which provides a steady stream of shortwave radiation to the top of the … Continue reading

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Joe Romm : Great Lakes Ice Is A Thing Of The Past

JANUARY 18, 2013 warmer winter air is causing a shorter duration of ice cover. In fact, the amount of ice covering the lakes has declined about 71 percent over the past 40 years. Last year, only 5 percent of the … Continue reading

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Occupy Venus

We all know Venus is hot. A few billion years ago, Venus had a collision with something that turned it on its side and slowed its rotation way down. One day on Venus is almost six Earth months long. Because … Continue reading

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Occupy Climate Science

It is time to introduce some actual science into the world of climate science. I have had the great privilege of spending time with CSU’s Bill Gray recently, and he has been explaining to me what causes the climate fluctuations … Continue reading

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WWF Says That Global Warming Will Evaporate The US

Rome News-Tribune – Google News Archive Search

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1986 : Tom Karl Told Congress That Severe Drought Is A Normal Climate Fluctuation In The US


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With Two Cold Nights Ahead, Great Lakes Set Another Spring Ice Cover Record

Great Lakes  may break the all-time ice coverage record of 94% by Friday morning

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