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President Obama Says He Has Restored America As The Sole, Indispensable Superpower

Obama Says He Restored America’s Image as ‘Sole, Indispensable Power’ – ABC News

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Before CO2 Ruined The Great Lakes

On this date in 1903, Niagara Falls ran dry. CO2 was a very safe 300 PPM at the time. The Post and Courier – Google News Archive Search

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Glaciers Were Disappearing During Hansen’s Coldest Years Ever

Climate experts claim that melting glaciers are proof of global warming, because they lack the science skills most people pick up in kindergarten. Glaciers melt during interglacial periods (i.e. last 20,000 years) because more ice melts every year than accumulates. … Continue reading

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Global Weirding In 1936

Jimbo put together this list of extreme weather in 1936. If we had one tenth of this now, progressives would demand immediate world communism. STRANGE / ODD / WILD / WEIRD WEATHER – 1936 DROUGHT, FIRE and FLOOD AMERICA’S PHENOMENAL … Continue reading

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Word Is Getting Out

By the end of March, this blog will have had more than 300,000 unique visitors during the month. If each of them tells two people about the global warming scam, and each of them ……. Pretty soon we have a … Continue reading

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Wenger’s Crimea Moment

Arsène Wenger celebrated his 1,000 match as manager, with the worst thrashing of his career – at Stamford Bridge. But the big question is – will Abramovich get slammed with anti-Putin sanctions?

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Understanding Extreme Weather

Due to the lack of actual extreme weather (record low tornadoes and hurricanes in the US) climate charlatans now describe mild  weather as extreme. NOAA declared 2012 to be the most extreme year in US history, based almost entirely on … Continue reading

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Stalker Update

A few weeks ago, some stalker (named Brandon) claiming to be a skeptic was attacking me, saying that my data alteration graphs were incorrect because of how I chose to normalize the data. Had he passed high school algebra, he … Continue reading

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Is My Data Correct?

Someone asked me yesterday if I am sure my measurements of NOAA/NASA data tampering are correct. Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily/hcn/ I will let you judge that for yourself. The graph below shows my calculated US temperatures in blue, on top of … Continue reading

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