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Understanding Global Warming Physics

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What If This Happened Now?

In March, 1932 a tornado killed hundreds and injured thousands of people in five states. If this happened now, it would be called unprecedented and cited as unequivocal proof that man had ruined the climate. 31 Mar 1932 – 300 … Continue reading

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Mikey Demonstrates Again That He Doesn’t Know How To Do Science

We employed a simple zero-dimensional Energy Balance Model (“EBM”—see references 1 through 5 below) of the form C dT/dt = S(1-a)/4 + FGHG –A–B T + w(t) to model the forced response of the climate to estimate natural and anthropogenic radiative forcing. Why Global Warming Will Cross … Continue reading

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Police Hold Contest To See How Many Constitutional Rights They Can Violate In One Home Invasion

‘Gun’ Tattoo Mistakenly Brings Heavily Armed Police To Maine Man’s Home NORRIDGEWOCK, Maine (AP) — Police armed with assault rifles descended on a Maine man’s home after members of a tree removal crew he’d told to clear off his property … Continue reading

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President Obama Says That He “Has Al Qaeda On The Run”

Al Qaeda calls for car bombs in US cities, other ‘crusader’ countries | Fox News

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Understanding Progressives

Progressives are very clear thinkers. They endlessly derided Sarah Palin for predicting that Russia would invade Ukraine after Obama was elected. Then they awarded Obama the Nobel Peace Prize for what they predicted he would do. Progressives live in an … Continue reading

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January 1930 : 120 MPH Hurricane In England


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US In Its Third Straight Year Of Record Low Tornado Activity

AAAS says that storms are getting worse, because they are concerned that the ability of their members to steal taxpayer money may be reduced, if people find out what is really going on.

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AAAS Says That Zero Is An Unprecedented Large Number

Despite “overwhelming evidence”, the AAAS said Americans had failed to appreciate the seriousness of the risks posed by climate change, and had yet to mobilise at a pace and scale needed to avoid a climate catastrophe. The report noted the … Continue reading

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The Great Prophet Mikey Announces Armageddon In 2036

It turns out that the Mayans were wrong about 2012. Armageddon actually occurs in 2036 Why Global Warming Will Cross a Dangerous Threshold in 2036 – Scientific American We are so lucky to have these great prophets, like Harold Camping … Continue reading

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