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My Polar Vortex Hike

Hiking at Pawnee National Grasslands this afternoon, it was so cold that I had to keep blinking to keep the ice from accumulating on my eyeballs. I didn’t see any daffodils on the first day of spring.

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Here Is Your Whopper – Yummy

Penned cattle knee deep in shit, others standing on a four foot high mound of shit. Animals are covered in snow with a 20 MPH wind, no shelter and -25F wind chill. I took the picture this afternoon near Ault, … Continue reading

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Snowfall Increasing, Summers Getting Shorter In Fort Collins

We keep hearing from experts that skiing is doomed from global warming. Here in Colorado, the evidence shows that these experts are completely incompetent. Our snowfall is increasing. It snows more frequently now Our summers are getting shorter The total … Continue reading

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Ban Assault Knives

This can only happen to a disarmed populace. At Least 27 Dead, Dozens Injured in China Knife-Wielding Spree A group of knife-wielding men attacked a train station in southwestern China on Saturday, leaving at least 27 dead and more than … Continue reading

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The Past Five Years Have Been The Quietest On Record For US Hurricane Strikes

HURDAT Re-analysis Chronological List of All Hurricanes

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The 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season Was The Quietest In Decades

There were no hurricane strikes in the US last year, and only two hurricanes in the Atlantic last year. Weather Street: 2013 Atlantic Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

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US Tornadoes Well Below Normal, After The Two Quietest Years On Record

2012 and 2013 had the fewest tornadoes on record in the US, and 2014 is already well below normal. Storm Prediction Center WCM Page

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Great Lakes Were Completely Frozen Over 20,000 Years Ago

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Droughts Becoming Shorter, Smaller And Less Frequent In North America

Roger Pielke Jr. slams John Holdren for his incompetence and abuse of power at the White House. A must read post. Roger Pielke Jr.’s Blog: John Holdren’s Epic Fail

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Great Lakes Approaching 100% Ice Cover – For The First Time On Record

Lake Ontario is the only major holdout, and the forecast there is for extreme cold during the next two weeks. coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/webdata/cwops/webdata/statistic/dat/g2013_2014_ice.dat Lake Ontario is freezing over very rapidly.

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