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15 Million Page Views

This URL has now received 15 million page views. (I’m not sure if NSA monitoring is included in that total.) That is almost as many page views as Miley Cyrus gets every time she sticks her tongue out.

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Another NCDC Data Tampering Smoking Gun

Brian D found these archived ice charts. There is a lot more ice this year than there was in 1979, yet NCDC shows 1979 colder in the Great Lakes region. Note that Lake Ontario and half of Lake Huron were … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung, And Deere Season Has Arrived In Greenland

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Greenland Country Club Getting Buried In Drifting Trap Sand Again This Year


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Great Lakes Ice Is All Thin, Rotten First Year Ice

Great Lakes ice may be at a record springtime high, but experts warn that it is all thin, rotten first year ice and is almost certain to melt this summer. GLCFS Products

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Mann-Made Overheated Atmosphere Brings An Early Spring To Michigan

Lower Harbor View. NCDC says that many years have been colder there, because they have institutionalized lying about the climate.

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Mikey’s Model Makes It 12C Colder In 1850

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World Turns Upside Down – Guardian Shows Signs Of Brain Activity

We need more scientific mavericks “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts,” said Richard Feynman in the 1960s. The 500 major discoveries, almost all initiated before about 1970, challenged mainstream science and would probably be vetoed today. Agencies … Continue reading

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After Erasing The MWP And LIA, Mikey Puts Earth Back On Track For Scenario A

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Mikey’s Model Puts Us In An Ice Age In 1960

Mikey Mann’s “climate of doom in 2036” model puts us in a full blown ice age in 1960

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