Correlation Discovered Between Unemployment And Climate Change

All of the states with highest unemployment have Democratic senators who obsess about an imaginary threat from an essential trace gas.

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3 Responses to Correlation Discovered Between Unemployment And Climate Change

  1. QV says:

    It makes sense!

    The climate change industry is one of the few showing any growth in jobs.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    And that is using the Govmints Stats.

    Shadow Stats show the modern depression with an unemployment of about 24%

    This is backed up with the payroll stats:

    Note the USA LOST 6.5 million jobs between December 2007 and October 2011.

    This is thanks to Billy Clinton and his exporting jobs to China – – Clinton’s China Policy

    No wonder the DemiRats want to talk Global Warming!!!

  3. redjefff says:

    Or, the politicians who want to tax the climate change will soon be unemployed!!

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