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My Climate Refugee Status

Like hundreds of thousands of other North Americans, Europeans and Russians, I have fled the overheated north to spend Thanksgiving on the Riviera Maya. It breaks my heart to have to leave my home for this.

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Dumb And Dumberer On Venus

Climate experts and other stoners like Carl Sagan claimed that the high temperatures on Venus are due to the greenhouse effect. This is idiotic because the surface of Venus receives very little sunlight, and in fact goes for months at … Continue reading

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Differentiating Between Global Cooling Winters And Global Warming Winters

Forty years ago, experts said that cold, snowy winters in the East were caused by global cooling and excess Arctic ice – but now they are caused by global warming and a deficiency of Arctic ice. Isn’t science grand?

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Colorado – Or Fat?

Most of my time this week has been spent playing beach volleyball on the Riviera Maya. There are about 4,000 people staying at the resort, and more than half of the volleyball players have been from Colorado – with¬†about half … Continue reading

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