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Where Did The AK Mags Go?

Last year I did a post on several hundred thousand AK-47 mags which the US Army purchased. This seemed odd, because the US Army doesn’t use Russian rifles. Today there was a news story that ISIS is well stocked for … Continue reading

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One More Attempt To End This Madness

If you put on a heavy coat, and go out for a run, the coat makes you warm faster. If you come back from the run, and do not remove your coat, the coat makes you cool slower. The distinction between … Continue reading

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More Blatant Climate Grubering From The White House

Holdren has released a Climate Explorer tool, saying that sea level will rise one foot in the San Francisco Bay Climate Explorer The stable tide gauge in the San Francisco Bay shows that sea level is lower now than it … Continue reading

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My Position

My position is to defend science, and defend quality of life – i.e. the environment, the political environment and the economic environment. Most of the nonsense is on the alarmist side of the debate, but there is plenty on the skeptic … Continue reading

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Extreme Temperatures Becoming Much Less Common In South Dakota

In 1936, nearly one day out of four was either over 100 degrees, or below 0 degrees F in South Dakota. This sort of weather is inconceivable now, as the climate has grown much less extreme over time.

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Down To 50 Degrees

My apartment is down to 50 degrees this morning. I am very comfortable wearing three layers now. Cheap Target Under Armour clone shirt ($13 vs $50) Fine wool knit shirt from the thrift shop $3 Coarse wool knit sweater from the thrift … Continue reading

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Settled Science Update

The world’s top climate scientists boldly proclaimed that global warming will bring milder winters and decreased heavy snowstorms IPCC Third Assessment Report – Climate Change 2001 – Complete online versions | GRID-Arendal – Publications – Other IPCC – Intergovernmental Panel on … Continue reading

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Visualizing The Extreme Climate Fraud At NCDC

NCDC shows 2012 as the most extreme year in US history,  when in fact it was one of the least extreme years in US history. The graph below is the NCDC graph, showing 2012 as the most extreme year, and … Continue reading

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A Day At The North Pole

Note how the sun stays at the same elevation above the horizon. About two dozen people told me today that they are Arctic experts and this is not possible.  

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Climate Buffoon Of The Day

Check out this world class clown. He wrote a hit piece against Jim Inhofe over climate, then when I asked him a climate question, he said he doesn’t know anything about climate  https://twitter.com/SteveSGoddard/status/534915204518522880

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