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If The Atmosphere Was A Perfect Insulator, The Earth Would Melt

If the atmosphere allowed solar energy in, but no energy out, – the Earth would keep getting hotter, and would eventually melt.

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Conflating Nonsense

It is absolutely true that net heat flow is is always from a warmer location to a cooler location. It is also absolutely true that in order to maintain a constant flow of heat,  an increase in temperature at the … Continue reading

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Shocking Imagery Of Greenhouse Gases Over Cozumel

The 85 degree temperatures are unbearable. How I long for the bitter cold of Maryland.

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Men Are From Mars – Climate Scientists Are From Venus

Climate scientists blame the high temperatures on Venus on the greenhouse effect. Given that Venus surface receives very little sunlight, and that nights there are months long with no drop in temperature, it is absurd to compare the Venusian climate … Continue reading

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Global Warming Is The New Global Cooling

Climate experts say that a wavy jet stream and harsh winters are caused by global warming. There’s growing evidence that global warming is driving crazy winters There’s growing evidence that global warming is driving crazy winters – The Washington Post … Continue reading

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Readers Determine That Cooling Systems In Automobiles Are Not Needed

Some readers have determined that insulators can not increase the temperature of an object. So I guess they can wrap their automobile engine in thick fiberglass insulation, and expect that nothing bad will happen. Fascinating science.

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The Comedy Continues

If you put your thumb over the end of the hose, the pressure at all points behind your thumb increases. Yet the water continues to flow the same direction. How can that possibly be? ROFL

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Enjoying The Greenhouse Effect In The Yucatan

I am being bombarded with longwave radiation emitted by high concentrations of greenhouse gas H2O, and it feels great. Much better than the cold, dry air of Maryland last night.

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