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Walrus Went Extinct In 1971

This 1971 National Geographic map showed the ice edge about the same location as this summer. Experts say that Walrus can’t survive this, and must have gone extinct.

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What Would A Patriotic Leader Do?

Imagine we had a president who was actually working for the United States, instead of working feverishly to destroy it. She would aggressively develop North American energy supplies to an extent where we could choke off the Middle Eastern oil which … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Failure Of Solar Power

After an improbable 10-year, 310-million-mile journey to become the first ever space vehicle to make a soft landing on a comet, the Philae probe may have ended its mission prematurely. Its batteries have run down, said the European Space Agency. … Continue reading

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Understanding The Difference Between Temperature And Heat

If you have a ten watt heat source, it generates ten watts of heat. If you put insulation around that heat source, the temperature between the heat source and the insulator rises – but the amount of heat generated remains … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent At Its Highest Level In Over A Decade

http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/old_icecover.uk.php With Antarctic sea ice at a record high, northern hemisphere snow cover near a record high, and Arctic sea ice at a decadal high, government climate experts say that it is the hottest year ever.

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Dear Utterly Clueless Greenhouse Gas Skeptics

If you are cold, you cover yourself with a blanket. The blanket raises the temperature of the air around your warm body. The blanket is not a heat source. The blanket does not raise the temperature of the air above … Continue reading

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Spectacular Fraud From The Union Of Concerned Scientists

New Climate Projections for Wisconsin Far more scorching summers • Every summer in Wisconsin would be hotter than 1988—the   hottest summer during the   historical baseline. • Milwaukee would experience more   than 55 days per summer with   … Continue reading

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Terms Of Endearment

The White House hopes to win American hearts and minds by calling us bitter, stupid, flat earth, ignorant, typical white people deniers who cling to guns and religion.

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Arctic Viagra Dooms Alarmists

Basically, alarmists are screwed. http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/icecover.uk.php

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Change You Can Believe In

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