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Nutcase on The Loose In The US Senate

I’m in Colorado this weekend, and have heard a couple of ads on the radio for Democratic slimeball incumbent Mark Udall, saying his opponent Cory Gardner is responsible for record floods and fires in Colorado. Besides the 15th century mentality of blaming … Continue reading

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New Release Of GHCN Code

You can download my latest GHCN code from the link at this address. GHCN Code It has lots of new features, which you will have to figure out for yourself. For starters, here are some command lines I have used today. … Continue reading

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Longest Stretches Over 100 Degrees

Marble Bar, Australia holds the world record for number of consecutive days over 100 degrees, 160 days starting in 1923. The North American record is at Death Valley, which had 134 consecutive days over 100 degrees in 1974, and maximum … Continue reading

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World’s Worst Heatwave Occurred During One Of Gavin’s 10 Coldest Years Ever

According to Gavin, 1913 was one of the ten coldest years ever. The summer of 1913 set the world’s record maximum temperature of 134 degrees on July 10. docs.lib.noaa.gov/rescue/mwr/050/mwr-050-01-0010.pdf  The summer of 1913 also had the Midwest’s longest heatwave. Appleton City, … Continue reading

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