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More On The Hot Year Of 1913

The year 1913 brought the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, and the longest heatwave on record in the Midwest. But it wasn’t just summer that was hot. Basin, Wyoming was 74 degrees on November 11, 1913 (more than 60 … Continue reading

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Greenhouse Effect Is Basic Physics – Deal With Reality

The greenhouse effect is fundamental physics. People who can’t accept that fact, make it more difficult for skeptics to get their message out. Don’t do that.

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Without Global Warming, It Would Be -62 Degrees In Greenland


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Learning To Think Like A Climate Expert

The winter of 2012 was very warm in the US, and had record low Arctic sea ice cover. Subsequent years have had more Arctic sea ice, and much colder winters. From this information, climate experts like White House science czar … Continue reading

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Midwest Heatwave Duration Has Plummeted

Heatwaves in the Midwest were much longer prior to 1960, with the five longest heatwaves occurring below 350 PPM CO2.

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Basic Science For Dummies Quiz

What is the voltage at points A, B and C? What did adding R2 do to the potential energy level at point B?

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Meltdown Alert : Global Sea ice Area Above Normal For The Past Two Years

Highly paid experts tell us that sea ice is rapidly disappearing, which explains why global sea ice area has been averaging above normal for the past two years.  http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/timeseries.global.anom.1979-2008

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The Cold Outbreak Of November 15, 1955

On November 15, 1955 – all of the stations shown below recorded below zero (F) temperatures. Similar to the current pattern. There was also widespread snowfall in the west that day

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NOAA Now Blocking Their Long Range Projections


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As Predicted, Obama Trying To Seize Control Of The Internet

Last week I said that Obama’s failure to control the dialogue on the Internet would cause him to try to take it over. This week he is doing that, and once again the sheep are falling for his BS – … Continue reading

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