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Announcing The Flat Earth Blog

Exciting news! I have started a new blog, titled the “Flat Earth” blog, and is devoted to really hard core, flat earth, climate deniers. I just put up the first post. http://climatedenier.me/

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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Just last week President Obama signed a deal to let China massively increase their CO2 emissions for decades, and now he is returning home to record cold . We are blessed to have such a Gruber in the White House.

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Place Your Bets

Record cold is headed to the East Coast tomorrow night, and the apartment is already down to 55 degrees. Will I turn on the heat? I predict no.

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President Obama Says He Didn’t Lie About Obamacare

At a press conference in Brisbane, Australia, where Obama was attending a G-20 summit, Obama was asked about the comments and if he misled the public in passing the law. “No, I did not,” Obama said. “I just heard about … Continue reading

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A Change Of Plan For The Dictator

In 2008, Obama said he would make electricity prices skyrocket. The question is, can we mobilize the citizenry to force their representatives to do the right thing? Obama couldn’t mobile the citizenry, because no one is interested in his idiotic climate … Continue reading

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Basic Science For Dummies

Insulators can both increase the temperature, and reduce the amount of heat. That is why people have warmer houses and lower utility bills – after they insulate their house (and before Obama makes electricity prices skyrocket.)

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Visualizing How NCDC Defrauds The Public And Our Elected Officials

The animation below shows how NCDC turned the 24th warmest October, into the 4th warmest October. The actual thermometer data showed October as the 24th warmest, nearly four degrees cooler than 1947 and 1963, and on a long term cooling … Continue reading

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More Evidence Of Spectacular October Fraud At NCDC

I located the US HCN daily data in a different directory all/ on the NCDC website. They must have a software problem keeping the hcn/ directory from being updated. As I previously posted, they are massively cooling the past. The … Continue reading

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100% Of US Warming Is Due To Data Tampering – The Ultimate Scientific Scam

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Hiding The Grubering At NCDC [Updated]

[UPDATE : I found the current data in a different directory. They must have some sort of software problem keeping the hcn directory from being updated properly] ftp://ftp.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/ghcn/daily/all/ ——————————————————————— I tried doing some analysis of October US temperature data this … Continue reading

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