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Embracing Ebola

Last week, President Obama hugged a cured Ebola nurse. This week he traveled to New Jersey to have another nurse released from quarantine, who immediately violated the terms of her at home quarantine agreement and went out for a bike … Continue reading

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Union Of Concerned Scientists Says CO2 Makes Northeast Winters Warmer And Less Snowy

Apparently they didn’t get the White House memo saying that global warming makes the Northeast colder and more snowy. Only a flat earther would doubt this settled science.

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In 1931, Meteorologists Were Certain About The Relationship Between Solar Activity And Weather

 TimesMachine: July 2, 1931 –

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Maryland – The Progressive Insane Asylum

Maryland high school teaches children that ISIS treats people “with tolerance, kindness and respect” as they rape, torture, enslave and behead them. Wood’s wife, Melissa, wondered how teaching about one religion is considered a history lesson while teaching about Christianity would … Continue reading

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If They Were Actual Scientists …..

Remarkable cooling events are happening on the planet, which the team is not only ignoring, but are attempting to hide. There is a huge excess of snow in the Northern Hemisphere, shown in green below Sea surface temperatures have plummeted … Continue reading

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A New Moron Of The Day!

First this guy attacks me for not using my real name, a couple minutes later he attacks me for using my real name.  Renew Comm’ty Power ‏@RenewCP You really can’t make up stupid like this.

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Joe McCarthy Back In The Senate

BY SHELDON WHITEHOUSE The Providence Journal’s Commentary pages have long been a forum for informed opinions, so I remain disappointed to see it publish polluter propaganda such as the Oct. 21 Commentary piece by Tom Harris and Bob Carter (“Whitehouse … Continue reading

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Serreze Arctic Scam Set To End Soon

Alarmists are in huge trouble in the Arctic. Cold water in the North Atlantic is causing a large increase in ice in the Barents and Greenland Seas, and cold water in the Bering Sea will later cause a large increase in the … Continue reading

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He Is So Open Minded That He Refuses To Consider Other Points Of View

 Steve Goddard on Twitter.”

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Global Warming And Marathons

Two years ago, climate geniuses told us that marathons are doomed by global warming. Will Climate Change Slow Marathon Times? – Yahoo News This weekend will be one of the coldest New York Marathons, with forecast highs in the 40’s. But … Continue reading

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