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One More Horror And Indignity In Mexico

You can’t imagine how I have suffered playing volleyball with athletic young women clad in thongs and tiny bikini tops. Fortunately I get to return to the overweight, pasty women in Maryland dressed in heavy winter gear.

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Last Day In Paradise

Today is my last full day on the Riviera Maya. It sucks, because the my first night here I got more than 300 mosquito bites on my feet and ankles and spent most of the trip suffering from that. I also … Continue reading

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The One Thing Progressives Must Never Do Is Look At The Actual Problem

I live in two worlds – one an all White/Hispanic world where the only crimes I was ever victimized by were those committed by the police, and once when my house was robbed by one of the few black teenagers in Fort Collins. My other … Continue reading

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Autumn Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Gain At A Record High

The Greenland Ice Sheet gained a record amount of ice and snow this autumn – more than 200 billion tons. This lowers sea level, and is the exact opposite of what experts forecast, and say is happening. Greenland Ice Sheet … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent At A Decadal High Every Day In November

Experts like Nobel Prize winner Al Gore predicted that the Arctic would be ice-free in 2014. Instead, we have seen a large increase in the amount of Arctic sea ice – which has been at a 10 year high every … Continue reading

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