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If You Believe That Democrats Conspired To Lie About Obamacare, You Are Just A Gruber

President Obama says there is no such thing as a conspiracy.

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Reader Quiz

Which locationĀ has more water vapor in the air? Location A – 90% relative humidity LocationĀ B – 20% relative humidity

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What Is The Purpose Of A Greenhouse?

The purpose of a greenhouse, is to emulate the climate of the tropics. The tropics are very warm, largely because of the high concentration of greenhouse gases there. During June, the Arctic receives more solar insolation than the tropics, yet … Continue reading

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Friends And Enemies

Happy Sad

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Understanding Obama’s Breakthrough Climate Deal

China increases emissions for at least 16 years, or until the deal is forgotten in about six weeks. US decreases emissions

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US Temperatures Plummeting At Seven Degrees Per Century

US temperatures are plummeting at seven degrees per century. At his debate with Judy Curry in Boulder in May, Trenberth said that the warm year of 2012 in the US proved global warming.

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Can You Spot The Red In This Picture?

I took this picture yesterday on Sugarloaf Mountain, Maryland – a blue state which just elected a Republican climate denier governor. Across the Potomac River Valley is West Virginia, a blue state which is now almost completely red.

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