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Arctic Sea Ice Extent At A Decadal High Every Day In November

Arctic sea ice extent has been at a 10 year high every day in November. Experts call the high ice extent an unprecedented meltdown.  COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Huge Increase In Autumn Snow Cover Over The Past 35 Years

Autumn snow cover has been steadily increasing towards record levels, and is up more than 30% since 1979. Experts are very careful not to talk about this, because it wrecks their fake little theory which keeps their funding coming in. … Continue reading

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The End Game In US Data Tampering

A lack of transparency is a huge political advantage The animation below flashes between raw (measured) US thermometer data, and the final version which is reported to the public. The thermometers show no warming over the past 95 years – … Continue reading

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No Change In New Zealand Temperature For 60 Years

Temperatures in New Zealand have been plummeting since 1998, and are cooler now than they were 60 years ago. \

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