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Weather Channel Founder Blasts The Liars At CNN And The Weather Channel

This is a great watch provided by John Coleman. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/former-weather-channel-ceo-goes-off-on-cnn-hello-everybody-theres-no-global-warming/ The CEO of the Weather Channel then came on and told one lie after another, including a completely fraudulent claim that droughts are getting worse. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/cag/

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UN Climate Report Was Timed To Corrupt The US Election

The timing of the 100% fraudulent IPCC report this weekend was intentional, and was intended to corrupt the US election. It was synchronized with Tom Steyer’s massive purchase of fraudulent climate ads in states like Colorado.

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IPCC Forecast Bears No Relation To Reality

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The 1913 Heat Wave

The longest heatwave in Midwest history occurred in 1913, with 20 consecutive days above 100 degrees and 81 consecutive days over 90 degrees – recorded at Clinton and Appleton City, Missouri respectively. These are the stations which reached 100 degrees … Continue reading

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Visualizing How Corrupt The IPCC Has Become

The IPCC says that we have to eliminate all CO2 emissions by the year 2100. But we already tried that experiment. In 1988, James Hansen modeled future climate based on three scenarios, with scenario C assuming no increase in atmospheric … Continue reading

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