Record Cold In Colorado

The forecast minimum for Fort Collins on Saturday is -1F, which would be the first November 15 below 0F ever recorded there. From my experience, temperatures usually come in several degrees colder than forecast there during Arctic cold snaps.

The warmest November 15’s were 1981 and 1949.

ScreenHunter_4473 Nov. 10 06.41

ScreenHunter_4472 Nov. 10 06.40

Experts say that below zero temperatures almost never happen any more, due to your SUV. Look for NCDC to report 2014 as the hottest year ever, during the coldest mid-November on record.

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66 Responses to Record Cold In Colorado

  1. Just remember that this cold weather is being caused by global warming. Or is it global climate change? Or climate extremism? Whatever it’s called, it’s man-made.

    • nielszoo says:

      No, it’s Mann made. Make sure you get the spelling right as Mankind didn’t make it “warmer”, the “scientists” did.

    • tom0mason says:

      ‘Catastrophic Climate Dynamism™’ covers it without being too specific.
      Untreated this may lead to ‘Anthroprogenic Hyperactive Climate Dynamism©’.


      • I still believe that the correct term is “global climate volatility.”

        • tom0mason says:

          Nice 🙂
          The vagueness captures the “settled science” underpinning without being over-emotional. 🙂

        • I’m concerned about anthropogenic climate stagnation.

        • Dynamism, volatility and stagnation are too specific terms and we already know how many problems it creates for government climatologists and officials. The correct term is Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Uncertainty.

          Scientifically, it predicts all possible outcomes, with an undeniable precision. Deniers will finally have to shut up about failed forecasts. Politically it will be popular because everybody hates uncertainty. The people will demand that government restores climate certainty and stops deniers once and for all.

          Progressive science and politics will be in harmony and desirable social outcomes will be achieved.

        • “Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Uncertainty”: Throw in the word “entropy” and I think you have a winner.

    • carlb says:

      try looking up and not in the mirror. the sun controls all weather change. but it is kind of funny that the one state with the most green and warming believers are freezing their patutties right now. chicken little science for a chicken little state.

      • HaroldHT says:

        You are an idiot @carlb. Re-read your comment – what, you don’t think that temperatures are still going to drop? Oh yeah, it should stay above 85 degrees all the time due to climate change. We are all dumber for reading your post. May god have mercy on your soul you. Idiot.

    • Rick Cramer says:

      But, man don’t you understand the UN report said man made global warming is happening. Don’t you get it?

    • Michael says:

      Sure it’s man made, I am sure there are a few idiots who believe that, somewhere. The true climate deniers are the Global Warming believers that deny climate changes. Man kind has no chance of changing the climate. Earth is way to big, and we are way to small. The Iceland Volcano Eyjafjallajökull in 2010 released with in a few days more Co2 then 200 years worth of current man made Co2. And NOTHING HAPPENEND !!! AND BUY THAT WAY, High levels of Co2 happen AFTER temperatures rise, it doesn’t cause temperature rises. When temperatures rise, C02 IS RELEASED from trees and plants because their pores expand causing it to release, hence forth increasing the levels

    • ron says:

      You also should remember it’s warmer in Australia, or something…..

    • Ralph Compton says:

      A true climate scientist speaking!! Take heed all ye sheeple.

  2. stewart pid says:

    And snow was a thing of the past after I shovelled 4 times yesterday. We didn’t get that much but I went out every 4 or 5 cms in order to keep the stress on the old geezer body down. Even with that plan of attack I could feel the strain after the 4 shovel fest 🙂 but I slept well!!

    • There Is No Substitute for Victory says:

      It looks like that Fort Collins has been above freezing only 14 times on this date since the 1880s. But even then -1 is “Unprecedented” as the climate liars say.

  3. Mohatdebos says:

    But, but I thought the experts from NRDC warned that their models predicted Colorado was going to warm, and most of the ski areas would not survive. I wonder if the owners of some these ski resorts can sue NRDC for persuading them to spend money on mitigation strategies. I believe Aspen even has a “sustainability” plan to cope with a warming climate.

    • nielszoo says:

      And I’m sure that “sustainability” plan is fueled, no doubt, by government subsidies, increased taxes and decreased freedom. Note how everything do do with catastrophic “Global [insert current term here]” involves taking and spending other peoples money… by force. We used to call that armed robbery.

    • annieoakley says:

      Aspen is on the cutting edge of Communism and very proud of it too. Bamboo flooring paradise on earth.

  4. Frank K. says:

    Look for the NCDC/NOAA to become more strident in their global warming pronouncements as they realize that they now have a Republican congress to deal with.

    I say – let the defunding begin…starting with NASA GISS.

  5. davesix says:

    You keep talking about weather, which is a trivial matter. Climate change is much more serious, and it’s there even if you (and I) can’t see it. We must be, as the fable says, “hopelessly stupid”.

  6. davesix says:

    I should have concluded with a smiley. 😉

  7. Gas Passer says:

    Looks like all of those pot smoking liberal dimoKKKrats will stay home and smoke pot during the snow storms.

  8. I live in Denver and it was beautiful in the morning while working in the yard. At 9, It was about 60 with a warm chinook wind. I went back in the house, changed clothes and the wind had already turned cold in 5-10 minutes. By one, the wind chill was in the single digits. Colorado weather changes on a dime.

  9. J. David Bennett says:

    The climate is always changing . Study the past ;look up PALEOCLIMATOLOGY

  10. I am getting ready to shovel that global warming out of my drive way.

  11. Rexxx says:

    RECORD COLD is caused by temperatures rising all over the entire world!

  12. James says:

    Cool — Drudge linking to my hometown

  13. Rexxx says:

    Why do Democrats want the weather to stay the same? You do know that the definition of climate is THE WEATHER prevailing in an area, right? You don’t want the weather to change! Climate and weather are SYNONYMS……Do Democrats even know what a synonym is? Probably not……

  14. Rexxx says:

    “Children just aren’t going to know what snow is”

    That’s what the global warming “experts ” were saying in 2000

  15. SojournerTruth says:

    As temperatures cool, climate change hucksters lose as many as 20-40 points from their intelligence quotients.

  16. Kevin says:

    Hillary believes in this crap and would tax your ass over it!

  17. Joh Doe says:

    America, you’ve been cOnned…record cold, but only if you step away from the warm screen.

    The cOnfidence man and the cOnfidence party and the cOnfidence press cOnvinced you to transfer your children’s futures to the incOmpetent…. that is the Omerican dream…

    Whatever it really is, just call it the climate CHANGE, and hand a nameless, faceless bureaucrat your wallet…do you feel cOOler now?

  18. bamboozled says:

    “due to your SUV” – what did that last sentence mean?

  19. It is due to global warming no doubt. or global weirding, or global hotting, or global something..
    come on throw a global alarmist a bone…what is the cause tell Me Al “private jet” Gore

  20. Ho Jo says:

    The unlawful Carnot cycle is the cause.

  21. Plurb says:


  22. Kev says:

    Why is no country or area ever “Too Black” or “Too Asian”, but Anything White NEEDS “diversity” and “multiculturalism”?

    Why do supposedly Global Problems like “racism”, privilege, diversity, inequality, etc. end up targeting ONLY white people and ONLY white-populated countries?

    Diversity means racial/cultural replacement ANYWHERE that white people live and ONLY where white people live… aka White Genocide

    Anti racist is CODE for anti white

  23. Sharpshooter says:

    “Climate” – the temperatures when you get a five to ten day hot spell (due to a high pressure ridge).
    “Weather” – when you get months and even years of cold summers (putting on winter blankets in JULY in Pennsylvania, no 100F’s during an entire summer in the Midwest and Great Plains) and damn cold winters.

  24. tom0mason says:

    Sorry Colorado your global warming failed to load due to a hard disk failure…

  25. Jermaine says:

    Lol climate dummies!! How can our billions of cars and tons of toxic waste and particles injected into the stratosphere change anything?!?! The earth is invincible ya know. Plus if it’s global WARMING, how come its so COLD, then? U r all so dumb climate libs. Dont you see the earth will never change. god made it and nothing god makes ever dies or is destroyed or polluted.

  26. Go Og says:

    So similar to Obama being wrong about Russia and Iraq and our Country in general Global warming has been a hoax for many years. The liberals have used this to con the People in this Country for many years. They change the narrative constantly to soak their base for money and power, under the guise they can actually do anything about our climate and or weather.

  27. Jody says:

    Always keep in mind the best possible successful remediation to any climate problem is to levy additional or new taxes on the productive segments of the society. It seems that giving those in power vast sums of largely unaccountable funding suddenly creates a much more pliable environment… at least until the next perceived or politically correct dysfunction.

  28. annieoakley says:

    I wonder how much money the genius Sheldon Whitehouse is being paid to make a fool of himself by babbling on and on about the weather.

  29. annieoakley says:

    Predicted high today 20F ( in Fort Collins) Actual high 13F for about 1 hour. 8 degrees F presently. I am going back down into the crawl space and cut up the insulation to stuff everywhere I can find a spot. Knew itw as coming because I listen to Joe Bastardi still not ready for the cold.

  30. Chris Frederickson says:

    The new term is “climat-o-phobia” If you do not have it, you’re just not with it !!

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