US In Its Third Straight Year Of Record Low Tornado Activity

AAAS says that storms are getting worse, because they are concerned that the ability of their members to steal taxpayer money may be reduced, if people find out what is really going on.

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104 Responses to US In Its Third Straight Year Of Record Low Tornado Activity

  1. Snow White says:

    However this winter over here in the UK we’ve been on the wrong end of a sequence of hurricane force storms accompanied by record rainfall:

    Weird huh?

    • Sundance says:

      In the Midwest we are freezing in one of the coldest winters in 118 years. We actually have silly twits in the USA blaming Arctic heat for our cold weather. Weird huh?

      • glenp says:

        you EEEEVILLL DENIER YOU!!!!! we ALL know that HEAT causes COLD!!! it’s just sensible!!!

        • Freeland_Dave says:

          I believe I have discovered why many in Congress feel we have global warming. Could it be due to all of the meaningless hot air emanating from their pie holes and circulating that hot air through both houses of Congress? They probably even have special duct work extending from the House of Congress to the White House and perhaps an extension to the US Supreme court.

        • al says:

          Yes, and global warming is responsible for more tornados and fewer tornados. And scientists have a strong consensus on this point.

        • Keith Cooper says:

          Heat in one place causes cooling in others…’s covered in elementary grade science..but you wouldn’t know that..your science classes were replaced with religious studies…so go pray about being a dumbass.

      • I wish they would soon fix this global warming that fat a– Al Gore got rich talking about. I miss the storms and I am about to freeze because of global warming. Probability will not be able to plant crops until June because of Al Gore’s global warming real makes things very cold.

      • Sundance Im sorry to say you ARE wrong the intense cool is because of global warming…ahhhhh i mean cooling…ahh that’s not right…All I know is we need to raise taxes because of it and the science is settled! PERIOD!

      • Harry says:

        Well, maybe if the EPA didn’t turn off all those coal fired power plants then it wouldn’t have been so cold.

      • green bullies suck says:

        No, you have it all wrong. It’s heat in Australian deserts during their summer that causes snow during North American winters. Or, wait, no, it’s that big ball of global warming that’s hiding at the bottom of the Pacific. (I absolutely kid you not, these are two “scientific truths” being foisted by the climate clowns.)

    • Jl says:

      How far does the “rainfall record” go back? Probably insignificant compared to the earth’s age. Even weirder question, huh?

      • Curly Bill says:

        To the year of the flood.

      • TSZodiac says:

        Don’t you just love when a person or group (ahem, IPCC) try to tell you that they ABSOLUTELY without a shadow of a doubt that they KNOW what’s driving the climate on a planet that’s a billion years old using less than 100 years of observable data?

        • Gail Combs says:

          I just wish they would use REAL DATA instead of massaged and manipulated fictional temperature and CO2 data.

      • Chucky77 says:

        There just so much cold to go around. Use it up in the winter and then the summer will be hot.
        Just kidding. The idiots that claim to be climate experts should be taken out and stoned to death. That’s Biblical. Prophets who made false forecasts were stoned publicly.

      • Snow White says:

        1766, as you would know if you’d read the article.

    • England has a long history of storms like that. As usual, you and your “experts” are unfamiliar with them, so you rant about things you are clueless about.

      • Snow White says:

        As Jl so astutely points out, the historical record is somewhat less than the age of the earth. Nonetheless as the Met Office point out “Although no individual storm can be regarded as exceptional, the clustering and persistence of the storms is highly unusual”

        • darwin says:

          The Met Office? The same corrupt clowns that get every prediction wrong? That Met Office?

          If they predict a warm winter best stock up on fossil fuels.

          If they predict a dry summer better make sure your roof is in good repair.

        • Jl says:

          “The clustering and persistence of the storms is highly unusual.” Unusual compared to what? The millions of years that we don’t have any clustering and persistent data for? When your “unusual” time frame is capped at a hundred to a couple of hundred years, there’s really nothing unusual at all.

        • John Smith says:

          J1: So what evidence do you require to start thinking that Global Warming is real? If that evidence is found, you will change your mind, correct?

    • gator69 says:

      Some people just don’t get ‘chaotic’ and ‘natural’.

      Weird huh?

      • Gail Combs says:

        You can not get rich off of ‘chaotic’ and ‘natural’. Just ask Al Gore.

        Who by the way has sold off his Green Energy stock and invested in Natural Gas Piplines. (snicker)

    • attilashrugs says:

      Ask the few survivors of the Spanish Armada about storms! (No one expects the Spanish Armada!)

      • Carl says:

        attilashrugs, what are your main weapons?

      • welldoneson says:

        You’ve confused Armada with Inquisition. But you make a good point, otherwise. Hundreds of ships were sunk by hurricanes, in the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, throughout the Eastern Seaboard of America, and elsewhere. There is no doubt “weird” weather is standard. The “man did it” crowd choose not to understand the concept of chaos.

    • glenp says:

      you BRITS are still driving EEEEVILLLL SUVs!!!!!

    • Joseph Bastardi says:

      Rapid cooling of north atlantic forced major trough to be located west of Europe over cold sst.. Wet pattern likely to continue through Summer overall

    • Phil Bickel says:

      We’ve never experience record rainfall anywhere on Earth before, so it must be CO2 and AGW. Or is it because you’re black!

    • Jimbo says:

      Snow White, the greatest storms over England was during the Little Ice Age. See the peer reviewed papers on that HERE.

      Here is some non-peer reviewed reading as a primer to give you an insight as to why?

      ….From a meteorological point of view, this troublesome development in the late medieval time was the result of global cooling. When the planet cools, the cooling is especially pronounced near the poles and smaller near the equator. Along with planetary cooling, this therefore produces an enhanched thermal contrast between equatorial regions and the poles. In the northern hemisphere, this thermal contrast tend to develop especially in latitudes between about 50 and 65oN, in the zone of westerlies. This strengthened thermal gradient is the basis for development of more cyclonic storms over oceans in this zone, leading to increasing flood frequency and damage for adjoining coasts and land areas……..
      The Guardian – 20 January 2011
      Weatherwatch: The Grote Mandrenke
      Few great weather events in British history were as devastating as the “Grote Mandrenke”, the great drowning of men, which took place in mid January 1362. A huge south-westerly gale originating in the Atlantic Ocean swept across Ireland, Britain, the Low Countries, and northern Germany, causing at least 25,000 deaths……As the storm reached the North Sea, it combined with high tides to produce the phenomenon most feared by coastal communities, a storm surge….
      Among other things, the three researchers report that (1) “the content of marine-source ssNa aerosols in the GISP2 ice core record, a proxy for storminess over the adjacent ocean through the advection of salt spray [ss], is high during the LIA with a marked transition from reduced levels during the MCA [hereafter MWP] (Meeker and Mayewski, 2002; Dawson et al., 2007),” (2) “the onset of the LIA in NW Europe is notably marked by coastal dune development across western European coastlines linked to very strong winds during storms (Clarke and Rendell, 2009; Hansom and Hall,

  2. Dave Park says:

    Any truth to the rumor that Al Gore will start convincing his followers that from now on spring time can be attributed to global warming?

    • bilbo says:

      What followers?

    • How else would you explain the temperatures going up from December to April? Daaa

    • Sam says:

      NOAA: 2013 Was Tied For The Fourth-Hottest Year On Record. While Americans deal with a wintery January and try to understand what a polar vortex is, one thing is clear: 2013 was one of the ten hottest years since records began in 1880. For the 37th consecutive year, global temperatures were higher than average.

      • Regurgitating NOAA BS isn’t going to earn you a huge amount of respect around here.

        • Tony says:

          Who would want respect from a bunch of humans destined for removal by natural selection? Who says you “can’t fix stupid”? ….ahhhhh, evolution….thank you for thinning out the “stupid” amongst our human herd. Let’s just hope most of you on this page don’t breed.

        • gator69 says:

          Well, Tony has convinced me! His well crafted argument that showed the proofs of CAGW, and how scientists have ruled out natural variability is enough to make me turn vegan, sell my car, cut all electricity and gas from my home, starve millions, and vote democrat.

          Let’s all evolve and die together!

      • Gail Combs says:


        It wasn’t until they messed with the temperature record. It was darn COOL!

        My local weather station had the temperatures increased by 2 to 4 degrees 24 hours later and when I went back to double check some nubers they raised it another 2 degrees! (My station is ‘Rural’ so it gets raised to match a big city airport)

      • welldoneson says:

        NOAA rhymes with “bite me”. That’s about as scientific as saying man’s CO2 is seriously affecting the climate.

      • DrEvil007 says:

        Oh noes! We need everything to be exactly average. The average is based on a little over 230 years, while the Earth is billions of years old. Maybe, that “average” isn’t a very accurate or useful number. And why should the average for 1880-1977 be considered some sort of optimal temperature? Maybe, it was too cold during that time period, on average.

      • gator69 says:

        My Chevy salesman told me that Chevrolet makes the bestest cars on the road. I’m sure his opinion of Chevys is not effected in any way by his need to sell me a Chevrolet.

      • Jl says:

        Wow, Sam, amazing. Some hot years out of a total of 130. Let me know when you have the comparable data for the other 4 billion, because then you’ll have a real “record”. You know, because it could have been warmer (or cooler) then, don’t you think?

  3. Why was the word “average” substituted with “normal” by weather agencies n the reporting of daily temperatures ?

    • The term “normal” refers to the mean temperature or rainfall or snowfall over the past thirty years. It’s a statistics thing.

    • Daniel Joyce says:

      Because there are some dates that have particularly wild spikes they would appear to be out of whack on a graphic depiction, the “average” is not used. A “normalized” depiction considers the temperatures of several dates around the more anomalous dates and smooths them out, but without completely removing the extreme readings – rather just subduing them.

      AGW ALARMISTS – so unwilling to reveal temperatures prior to 1880 that they must think earth is only 134 years old

      • gator69 says:

        Actually there are no ‘normals’ in weather or climate. Lazy people who do not understand their own language, or those who wish you to think that our current conditions are ‘abnormal’ use the term normal instead of ‘average’. All we have for a yardstick is observed AVERAGES over different time spans.

        I took on my state climatologist over this very issue, he agreed with me, thanked me for correcting him, and no longer uses ‘normal’ when he speaks of weather or climate.

  4. Kevin Conlon says:

    I’m sure the people in Kansas and Oklahoma are yelling for you to STFU right about now.

    • HansGolden says:

      I’m from Kansas and I’m not yelling that. I appreciate this post and am sick of the Global Warming baloney.

    • MC says:

      Well, although we didn’t have as many, we had some giants last year. In my area (Oklahoma City) we had the largest ever recorded tornado and a few others that did some pretty serious damage too. Then we had redonkulous snow too. Al Gore is being awfully quiet now.

      • Claims of “largest ever” are normally BS. Modern technology is much better at catching peak values now.

      • Phil Bickel says:

        Wheeelersburg 1967, Xenia 1975, and so on, I believe we’ve always had very big powerful tornadoes. What you have now is a larger more concentrated population, and more house trailers.

        • Gail Combs says:

          The 1965 Palm Sunday Tornado. My ex saw a piece of straw driven completely through a telephone pole.

          When I went to school in the Midwest I used to watch the funnel clouds form and then get sucked back up into the clouds every spring. Really scared me the first few times but you got used to it.

          I also remember the spring we had forty days of rain and the Bolton sinkhole (of Blue Srings cave IN) had a geyser blowing ~10 to 20 feet high. It was visible from the moving car. Normally the underground stream at that point is ankle deep and the ceiling is ~10 to 12 feet over head so that was a real eye opener. Needless to say our caving trip was cut short. Instead we rescued some very soggy canoeists who managed to get swept over a dam on the Blue River. (This was back in 1971)

  5. Chris Lingski says:

    Nice. GW was supposed to increase tornado activity.

  6. Richard_Iowa says:

    This is because of Global Warming. It is so incredibly hot on the planet, and we all know that heat rises, that the heat has risen to the stratrosphere leaving all of the cooler air below. Cooler air tends to lesser tornado activity. It’s also Global Warming that caused a very hard and cold winter here in the mid-west. Global Warming is very good at multitasking in that it is the cause of just about everything weather related that is suspect.

    • Curly Bill says:

      So Global Warming resulted in fewer tornadoes, meaning less heart-wrenching suffering, death and destruction. So Global Warming is GOOD, right?

    • Dave says:

      Warmer than normal- climate change. Cooler than normal-climate change. Drought-climate change. Floods-climate change. Unusually active hurricane season-climate change. Unusually inactive hurricane season-climate change.

    • bilbo says:

      Oh brother.

  7. The AGW liars will still whine and complain though. When there is bad weather, it’s their fictitious “man-made climate change”‘s fault and only more taxes and communism can “fix” the problem. When there is less severe weather, a GOOD THING, they still whine. Apparently, they love it when innocent people die from severe weather, then try to use the normal, natural phenomenon of earth evolving weather, to “corroborate” their lie.

  8. This was predicted by the UN IPC report. Everyone knows that Global Warming…um, I mean Climate Change, will cause more or less tornadoes and maybe even the average amount of tornadoes in any given year. Also take note that Hurricane activity will remain constant or increase or decrease drastically.

  9. Dave R says:

    Lack of tornado’s proves global warming. Debate is over. ;-P Unless there is more tornado’s.

  10. glenp says:

    POLAR VORTEX took away all the tornadic VORTEXES!!!!!
    damnable pesky global warming!!! taking away all our vital tornados

  11. bilbo says:

    It’s all because of reduced activity of the sun. Colder temps, fewer tornadoes, etc. It’s not rocket science.

  12. Capt. Obvious says:

    Well I guess we can cut FEMA’s budget in half then right?

  13. xsnake says:

    Give the Demz a few minutes and they’ll find a way to give the Bamster credit for stopping the tornadoes.

  14. ChrisGC says:

    Third straight year of record low tornado activity. Very low number of hurricanes ans tropical storms this past season……again!
    The 8th straight year of increasing amounts of record cold and snow, particularly in the northern hemisphere.
    Glaciers in many areas remaining stable or advancing again.
    Arctic seas ice with record growth. Antarctic ice increasing for the last several years.
    Sun entering a state of lower activity that some say could last as long as 70 years.

    Yeah, if this glowBULL warming gets any worse we might all freeze to death!

  15. Thank goodness for global warming! Imagine another growing season in Canada, Northern Europe and Siberia. What is the alternative, another ice age with ten-thousand-foot-thick glaciers over large portions of North America, Europe and Siberia?

  16. Darn! Another example of ‘Global Warming’! We need to spend billions to stop this so we can get back to those huge, catastrophic tornadoes we all loved.

  17. Vince says:

    There MUST be some kind of mistake. The Global Warming gurus assured us that tornadoes would be more frequent and more violent.

    • Shazaam says:

      The mistake is believing any so-called “guru” who uses computer-generated fantasy climate models as his/her foundation of “knowledge”.

      Pretty simple – computer-generated models explain how the “gurus” always have scary scenarios to shock the sheeple with. Reality is intruding upon their game.

      I think the “gurus” face a fate similar to those old-time charlatan preachers that always had to skip town in the dead of night after they wore out their welcome.

  18. Fergy Turf says:

    But, according to Gore’s “hockey stick” Power Point presentation, tornadoes are suppose to go up in number and intensity, just like the temperature……

  19. ifihadason says:

    See. Gore is fixing things already. He told me to collect rainwater in a barrel…and I did. Now look at the result. Less tornadoes. Pure genius Lloyd..

  20. Jacksonian Boot says:

    Thank God for global warming. Lives saved from fewer tornadoes.

  21. NowYouKnow says:

    Another benefit of my efforts to cause climate change.

  22. Oh really? That’s fascinating. Except you forget about the tornado that hit Moore, OK last year and then Tuscaloosa, AL the year before. While overall activity may be down, the intensity is on the uptick. So congratulations on ranting and raving about something you know nothing about.

    Source: Go watch the f*cking weather channel.

  23. jaggovv says:

    lets see if i have this right,,,record tornadoes caused by global warming and record for least tornadoes is caused by global warming..uh-uh GOT it !!! coo-coo coo-coo

  24. It’s Al Gore’s Gas~>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  25. Miguel says:

    Since the media blamed the last big rash of tornadoes on Climate Change, is it fair to assume the lack of tornadoes means the climate is not changing? Does that sound stupid? So does the phrase Climate Change as a negative. Since when did the climate not change? Climate change is a religion with crazy, radical followers, who wish to force their religious beliefs on us.

    We should all be grateful there are less tornadoes and stop exploiting disasters for religious points.

  26. captainfish says:

    Wait.. what happened in early February 2014?? Don’t recall the reason for there to be over 30 tornados in one day.

  27. Man-Bear-Pig says if you don’t agree to his Carbon Credit scam, he will huff and puff making all your oceans rise you Flat-Earthers!

  28. Brian says:

    Well isn’t this my luck…..record low tornados and I get my house leveled and and my life destroyed by the 11/17/13 F4 in Washington, IL. That’s about right!

  29. John Smith says:

    FYI, regarding this winter and Climate Change: Only the North Eastern 1/2 of the US was colder than usual this past winter. The rest of the planet was much warmer than usual. As a matter of fact, I didn’t wear a jacket for the entire winter (I live in South Florida, so wearing a jacket in winter is rare every year, but this is the first time I’ve gone all winter w/o wearing one).

  30. Buzz says:

    Just a few years ago they were blaming all of the outbreak of tornados on global warming. I guess now they will claim that fewer tornados are the reslult of global warming.

  31. Red 5 says:

    From questions, come experts.
    From experts, come chaos.
    Chaos and misinformation drive legislation.
    Legislation increases taxes.
    Taxes reduce freedom and widen class chasms.
    From taxes come revolution.

    Global Warming is only the latest example of this cycle.

  32. This is all due to global-cooling-warming-climate-change-and the black hole CNN reported that ate the Malaysian plane.

  33. Ron Henzel says:

    Of course, the fact that none of the GWPOD (Global Warming Prophecies of Doom) are coming true means that it is all going to be much worse than we thought. Just give the POD (Prophets of Doom) people time to figure out how. Meanwhile, Al Gore is out shopping for a higher ladder.

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