US Having Its Coldest Six Month Period Since 1912

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(To date, October-March temperatures are the coldest since 1899 – but they will rise some before the end of the month – and may pass 1912.)

77% of the US has been below normal temperature since October 1.

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264 Responses to US Having Its Coldest Six Month Period Since 1912

  1. ccglea says:

    Is this regular cold, cooling cold, or warming cold? I have trouble keeping track.

    • EW3 says:

      I think it’s climate change cold, but like you, my head is spinning.

      • gator69 says:

        It’s not really cold. Haven’t you learned anything? We cannot possibly know if it is getting hotter or colder, until the climate priests cast their bones and make their holy adjustments.

      • Rick S says:

        Now that Obama has solved the entire healthcare problem in America, he is hot on the path to solving worldwide global warming (so sorry, I meant global cooling. Oh, this is getting confusing). With this kind of caring leadership we are well on the way to be taxed into total extinction. Thanks Barry.

        • Lindy says:

          Not to worry. I believe the correct term(s) is now “climate change” or “climate disruption”. This covers all bases.

        • Since 1912? We hardly even had any cars or generating plants using fossil fuels then. Who’s kidding the goldfish?

        • Edward Kerr says:

          I’ll pick on you rick because you said the “magic word” the duck dropped down and you win a hundred dollars.
          It’s obvious that you (and many of the other commenters here) haven’t a clue as to what is causing the cold weather. Yes, it’s warming. Warming has destabilized the jet stream (due to the narrowing of the temperature gradient between the equatorial regions and the poles) and this is allowing arctic air (yea, it’s still cold too) to dip into much lower latitudes than normal. The warming in the arctic has fired the ‘clathrate gun’ (look it up) and that promises to send the climate reeling.
          So, what’s the magic word, you ask? Extinction: and that is exactly where we are headed if we don’t get serious about addressing the problem.
          Hyperbolic you say? Just wait….

      • Go Og says:

        Is it climate change now because it is cold? What happened to global warming? Are we all going to freeze to death because of Co2 in the Atmosphere. Bwaha as usual the liberals are clueless as to what our weather can do.

        • WALT C says:

          It was the coming ice age in the 70’s. Just before they predicted that all oil & gas in the earth to be found had been found and it would all be used up by the turn of the century. Prompting Jimmy Carter and his Democrat cohorts in Congress to create the Department of Energy.

    • cfpeterson says:

      It’s f’ing cold.

    • blammmer says:

      your lying eyes are your wost enemy .. it’s not cold at all… We are all on the verge of burning alive .. only the idiots Democrats can save us!

    • Dog says:

      “since 1912”! We had global warming,er cooling, uh climate change way back then?

    • Philip Hage says:

      It is definitely Global Warming Frigid, not Climate Change Cold.

    • This is warming cold. That’s what they tell us anyway. The warm is making record cold.
      The only thing is it’s not getting any warmer.

    • Richard McCargar says:

      It’s a weather event unless it’s caused by climate change, then it’s evidence. They’ll let us know which is which. Probably require more funding first.

    • hawaiirules says:

      Doesn’t matter either way, as long as we know the solution, which is more taxes going to the Government. Biggest scam in history–the climate is changing, so we need to tax things and give the money to the government politicians to decide what to do with it. Hard to believe there are that many stupid people that believe politicians.

      • Charles says:

        The solution is to redistribute these new taxes to me! My solution for fixing AGW is to turn all of the world’s man-made pollution and CO2 into charcoal briquettes and then sell bags of them at the local Walmart store for backyard weekend barbecues.

    • Mike says:

      If you can grasp simple concepts like what a mean value is or you can’t define global climate by only selecting the 2% which supports your lies. It’s what intellectual elitist call weather. Weather is the event and climate is the trend of weather events. This is why we have two special words in English: weather and climate.

      • Elizabeth says:

        I know what a mean temperature is, Mike. Do you? Have a look at the graph at the top of the page. Plot the mean temperature for the last 115 years and tell me if the mean is rising, falling or flat.

        • Ulysses Geist says:

          And 115 years is far too small a sample in planetary terms to determine a trend. There are those pesky ice ages – you know where the planet is mostly ice covered for 100,000 or so years at a t time. We are in one of those short (12 to 20,000) year warm periods between the glacial period. This has only been going on in cycles for about 3 million years or so, give or take a million. If the Warmistas of the world had any brains at all, they would pray to Al Gore or Obama or whoever their god is that is stays warm. We are already 12,000 years or so into this nice warm interglacial we are in. Eventually the next ice age will being. Hope it stays warm.

      • Odin says:

        Time for a new mantra. At what point then does weather become climate?

      • tsoho says:

        So, was typhoon Haiyan climate or weather?

    • dan says:

      Remember, it’s no longer called global warming but now it’s called climate change. This way anytime the weather is unusual in any way it wins their argument for more restrictions, taxes, more intrusive government and more government funding for climate research. A smart strategy if they can fool enough people.

    • B Cole says:

      When the democratic clingers on the left get through with it it will be the warmest year on record.

    • clayw60 says:

      Do understand climate change is a long-term global problem, or do you choose to only focus on the past six months and only the USA because to do otherwise would fail to confirm your political bigotry? The fact is since the onset of the industrial revolution global temperatures have been steadily climbing at an accelerating rate–precisely in line with higher levels of pollution being dumped into the atmosphere. Look it up. Clearly a longer term (150 yrs) and a broader perspective (global) is the only rational way to accurately gauge whether or not there’s a real problem. But scientific accuracy isn’t the Republican Regressives” schtick is it? I get it, do whatever you gotta do to make your petrified ideals make sense. Ideological consistency must be maintained at all cost–logic and facts be damned.

      • That fact is that you have no idea what you are talking about.

        • clayw60 says:

          That’s rich considering, pray tell what is your “special knowledge or skill” regarding climate science? The fact is YOU have no idea what you’re talking about.

          I have an alternative theory:
          charlatan (noun): a person falsely claiming to have a special knowledge or skill; a fraud.

        • pottereaton says:

          Leave it to the thermophobes to resort to name-calling and call it an “alternative theory.”

        • Doug says:

          So where’s the hockey stick? Or perhaps I should call it “the hockey puck”

        • Dr Ed says:

          The majority of scientists do not believe climate change is caused by humans. The “smoking gun” that solar output fluctuations is leading to these climate fluctuations is the fact that Mar’s Ice Caps expand and contract at the same rate as our ice caps. Here are the data which is located on the United States Senate Website:

        • clayw60 says:

          It’s not “name-calling” when the term applied is a demonstrable fact. Don’t believe? Lets see shall we? I repeat: on what grounds does “Steven Goddard” justify putting himself forward as an expert on climate science? What exactly are his special qualifications? Neither he nor any of the resident suck ups will answer that because he indeed has exactly zero qualifications to put himself forth as an expert on this subject – zero.
          Take your time, I’ll wait and stay tuned.

        • If you believe that my data analysis is incorrect. then demonstrate it. Otherwise you are just a flamer.

        • clayw60 says:

          I repeat: on what grounds does you “Steven Goddard” justify putting yourself forward as an expert on climate science? What exactly are your special qualifications?

        • If you believe my data analysis is incorrect, then prove it. Otherwise, you are just being a flamer.

        • JoJoJams says:

          I’m not a writing expert and have no certifications or “special qualifications” in teaching writing, and proper English, so I’ll refrain from pointing out your obvious misuse of “does” versus “do” in your rant…..

          ((Do you see the point, regarding your sophomoric demand for CREDENTIALS!!)) 😉

        • clayw60 says:

          When someone goes on and on making bold assertions about a subject as complicated as climate science, when they disparage people who have dedicated their careers to the study of climate science, is it not reasonable to expect that person to provide some evidence they are qualified to make such assertions? How does simply asking for your qualifications make me a “flamer?” It stand to reason that if you had genuine qualifications you wouldn’t be so reluctant to reveal them. People with such qualifications are rightly proud of their hard-earned expertise. So please, this is the THIRD time I’ve asked this simple, straightforward, perfectly logical question: what are your qualifications to be putting yourself forward as an expert in climate science?

        • I very rarely discuss climate theory. My focus is on analyzing data and history.

        • JoJoJams says:

          ((Note to moderator: Delete this one once read – I’m just wanting a question answered regarding all my other posts…. They all say “awaiting moderation”, but that’s been hours now. I love a good debate, but if this site takes forever on moderating, that completely negates any possibility of a good exchange of ideas, at least for me. If it’s because I’m “new”, I can understand some type of waiting period, until you see if I’m a flamer or not, but if that’s the way the site is on all postings, it doesn’t exactly make me partial to the site, to say the least.))




        • JoJoJams says:

          At this point, what does it matter? (to toss in a Hillary jibe..)
          Is. the. data. sound? If not, then show where it’s wrong. Why you people screech about “credentials” is amusing, in a sad sort of way. It’s always the fall-back when you can’t refute the bald data in front of you. Credentials or not, data is data – and many people, including statisticians and engineers, equally proud of their degrees, can understand it, even if it’s not their area of “expertise”. And as you stated….some people are sooo very proud of that degree…. So, they KNOWWW!!! ~ And god help those who blaspheme against their knowledge! ((Show honest, scientifically derived data contrary to what they’ve invested their careers and reputations on….))

        • clayw60 says:

          Thank you, that’s exactly what I suspected. I will now be leaving this ridiculous circle jerk. Pardon me for interrupting. Please do carry on gentlemen.

        • philjourdan says:

          Without you, there is no jerk.

        • Dave N says:

          “I repeat: on what grounds does you “Steven Goddard” justify putting yourself forward as an expert on climate science? What exactly are your special qualifications?”

          I have an idea: please prove how someones qualifications and/or experience, changes in any way, whether or not something they say is true. Before you go off half-cocked, note that I am not asking for the likelihood someone might believe them, I’m asking about the actual data/information they present.

          Ironic that one who responds with ad-hominems should refer to the other as a “charlatan”.

      • Global temperatures stopped warming about 15 years ago, completely contradicting the computerized climate models used by Global Warmists. A couple of years ago, Global Warmists were caught falsifying data. I’m agnostic when it comes to man-made global warming. The Global Warmists are not. Or, sorry, the Climate Changists. They had to change their name when the models went awry.

        • scientist says:

          No they didn’t, they slowed with respect to land temps but oceans picked up the remainder. Where the heck to you people get your information from? Who Weekly?

      • Go Og says:

        Haha you said facts. Would that be the facts that liberals love to make up when it benefits them financially? The liberals run the biggest Ponzi schemes on the American People constantly. Green Energy, Climate Change, Carbon Tax, Social Security, Obamacare just to name a few is just another way to soak Tax Payers for a fraudulent agenda.

      • Bill Turner says:

        Climate change a “long term global problem?” I wonder what the dinosaurs thought 66 million years ago when their climate was rapidly changing. “Gee Fred, it’s those damn humans again, driving their cars, drilling for oil, and fracking for gas – there goes the neighborhood!”

      • RLABruce says:

        You are referring to the “hockey stick graph,” which has been thoroughly debunked as a deliberate fraud. I can’t tell if you truly believe the Climate Change liars or if you are a government-paid troll trying to get your ex-believers back in line. Either way, your post is without merit.

      • David A says:

        Dude, the WaPo agrees with you. My comments on their bogus assertions are in caps.
        Legislation, meanwhile, isn’t doing the trick when it comes to increasing the price. INCREASING THE PRICE OF AN IMEMSELY BENEFICIAL PRODUCT IS LUNACY
        A cap and trade program is complicated, AND DUMB virtually impossible politically, DUH! and not working all that well in Europe. NOT WORKING THAT WELL? IT IS BANKRUPTING EUROPE, KILLING FOLK IN WINTER, AND AN IMENSE AND INSANE TAX ON THE POOR.



      • Charles says:

        Clay W, I can fix climate change and cool the earth, once again, but it will be expensive. I will need at least two thirds of your income. Please, e-mail your bank account information, ASAP. Remember – it’s all for the politicians – er, I mean children!

      • BlueTowers says:

        Clayw60, news is breaking on the data corruption of the IPCC. It was a deliberate corruption of the data from the beginning. Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” is a fraud. It violates virtually every tenet of the scientific methodology. First, he used dendrochronology (tree circles) to cherry pick a flat temperature through the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age. Ice cores from Greenland now show the MWP was much warmer than present. Then he virtually ignored temperature data from the tropics. He moved the baseline past the warm period 1925 to 1940. His model is rigged to show a temperature increase as CO2 increases. The only problem is that there is a thousand other climate variables that his model misses. Moreover, in every historic record to the present, CO2 follows a temperature increase as a feedback GHG, not a forcing GHG. I could go on, but the news will hit soon enough. Non-CRU senior climate scientists are coming out of the woodwork to expose the CRU and IPCC before more policy damage occurs. To deny these facts would make you an AGW truther.

      • Ted Long says:

        You will need to talk to a different audience Clay, this one isn’t checking the NOAA site: “The combined global land and ocean average temperature during January 2014 was 0.65°C (1.17°F) above the 20th century average. This was the warmest January since 2007 and the fourth highest since records began in 1880. This marks the ninth consecutive month (since May 2013) with a global monthly temperature among the 10 highest for its respective month.”

      • Dave N says:

        Dang.. just noticed JoJoJams beat me to it.

        No surprise though that alarmists attempt to play the man instead of the data they present.

    • It is easy! Just listen to what Al Gore says:
      ‘The huge cold fronts from the North Pole are because the North Pole is getting warmer.’
      ‘There IS global warming! The reason you haven’t seen it is because all the heat is going to the bottom of the ocean!’
      ‘Global warming is going to cause much more acute frigid weather!’

      • dieter says:

        Well it’s perfectly logical…the cold flees the north pole because it’s getting so hot there and the cold doesn’t like the hot, so it comes down to the USA and it makes it colder here.

    • I missed this story on the World News Roundup on ABC. How did that happen?

    • rho1953 says:

      It’s not really cold at all. It is all a figment of your propagandized imagination. It is actually the hottest winter in history. Those banks of snow outdoors don’t really exist. Take off your coat and enjoy the tropical weather.

    • David Bobe says:

      It is call winter. It has to do with the distance from the Sun to our planet.

      • RLABruce says:

        The earth is actually closer to the sun during the winter. It is the earth’s axial tilt that brings us our seasons. That’s why when the Northern Hemisphere is having winter, the Southern Hemisphere is having summer.

    • Steve Stunning says:

      It’s that pesky global warming we’ve been hearing about.

    • mancave001 says:

      Me too. I think it might be “heat hiding in the oceans cold” or “warming that feels cold.” See, it’s gotten so hot that we’re used to it now…so even abnormally high temperatures feel cold. #hoax

    • Tim Smith says:

      I’m just so pleased that the US Senate with their vast scientific (creating new taxes) stayed up all night worrying about something they have no control over!

    • Jay says:

      It’s worse than that. On Presidents Day, Obama say hi s shadow. So now well have two more years of bull$hit.

    • Brian H says:

      We clearly need some big volcanic eruptions to trap some heat in dark aerosols and release it over a year or two, to get back to a nice, warm normal climate.

  2. Who are you going to believe, me or your own lying eyes?

  3. D. Self says:

    But NOAA says the SW temps out weigh the rest of the country.

    • Psalmon says:

      He’s showing NOAA data, it’s all HCN (Historical Climate Network) stations for the US.

      • Key word here is US. Record breaking heatwaves in Australia, Brazil, Argentina and other parts of Southern hemisphere, where it’s summer. That’s still just weather, not climate.

        • “Record breaking BS” from climate alarmists is more accurate

        • dccowboy says:

          and record breaking cold in other areas.

          UAH satellite global temps show temp anomaly is .19C in February (.19C above the long term average)

        • scientist says:

          You forget to mention that many of those increased temps are breaking records since records began. You also fail to mention the frequency. People here also fail to recognise the average,, rather they cherry pick local events and ignore overall trends.
          The latest cold temps in the US are most likely due to jet stream wobble pushing cold air south while the current monitoring of arctic shows a lower than average sea ice extent for same times of year from previous years. No wonder you don’t get it when you ignore facts.

    • according to the chart 2012 was the warmest year on record. It appears weather is becoming more dynamic & volatile

      • rho1953 says:

        Is it really? Or is it that daily propaganda about it are conditioning idiots to believe that is so? I am old enough to remember many winters similar to this one and many summers longer and hotter than any of the last ten.

  4. PJ London says:

    But you are all forgetting that the heat is being held in the depths of the ocean. Those of you with a “Physics” education or even common sense will say “but hot water rises it does not sink” , Global Warming in fact is evidence that under certain circumstance a partial “pseudo vacuum” is created causing the lighter warm water to be pulled down below the heavier cold water.
    Hence the term “Global Warming Sucks”

  5. We just got done snowblowing 6 more inches of global warming off the driveway.

  6. And at the same the Arctic ice cap is at the lowest in history

  7. Global warming and climate change are just another govt tax scam.
    How come AL Gore bought an ocean front house right after he said sea levels will flood them?
    Because he’s involved in the scam with his climate exchange and Gore and Blood agency.

  8. LWJR says:

    Amazing the Global Warming Believers have no answer for this. Polar Vortex? Even George Orwell would be impressed with this kind of Newspeak!

  9. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    Calling fat Al, is there a fat Al in the house?

    • Gill O’Teen says:

      There are so many fat Al’s, hard to tell which you seek. If it’s Al the Crazed Sex Poodle, I last heard he moved to South Park, Colorado, and goes by the name Manbearpig. Just do a search on his current name and town and read all about it.

    • hawaiirules says:

      He had to leave to changes his shorts.

  10. TerryT says:

    I hate to be the nitpicker in the crowd but… Doesn’t the graphic actually indicate that we’re having the coldest six-month period since 1899?

    • March isn’t over yet. By the end of the month temps may be warmer than 1912.

    • J. Bencze says:

      You are correct,Sir…it’s just not the end of March yet, so the figures could change. We’re entering an Ice Age or a mini-ice age. Look up:
      This site shows the world is geting colder, glaciers are mostly growing, and oceans are dropping.

      • scientist says:

        So why then did we here in many parts of Australia have the hottest and longest consecutive days of high temps in human history? You can’t have your cake and eat it too. It’s about global average, not just the USA.

        • January 1896 was much hotter in Australia than this year. You are spouting nonsense propaganda.

        • scientist says:

          It may have been hotter on a particular day but the consecutive days longer. Nullifying your argument.

        • Nonsense. The 1896 heatwave was longer and more intense.

        • scientist says:

          Ok, you got me on that because I failed to read up on it, but you can’t plead a win over one single heatwave. You must look at overall trend and frequency and it doesn’t stack up that there isn’t a trend. I don’t know enough about that instance to comment, but what were global and local conditions, how does it differ, what was the solar cycle at the time. There are factors you don’t mention.

        • Hearsay and gossip is not a trend.

        • JoJoJams says:

          So, scientist, you missed the graph showing the entire month of much higher temps then versus today? Those are appreciatively huge differences for the entire month. Of course, you will now be screeching for data for the entire summer…then the entire year….and you just will never be satisfied, as that would burst your bubble of propaganda.
          Oh, and then you’ll be screeching for “credentials”, as if having a brain and a decent IQ isn’t all that’s needed to understand actual data, statistics and basic graphs and charts.
          If you are a real “scientist” then you know there is never a “consensus”, and when new data shows up, even if at odds to your personally collected data and anecdotal evidence, you need to then take in said actual scientifically derived data and incorporate that in to your hypothesis – even if that means realizing you are wrong… But then again, we’re all human….

  11. Jason says:

    According to scientists we are in an “inter-glacial warm period”. It was warmer and colder in the past and will be colder in the future. We had better get some of that Global Warming and be quick about it!

  12. Matt says:

    Meanwhile, where’s Al Gore?

  13. tfa says:

    Gee, that is when the last solar maunder minimum occurred that is very similar to the one happening now. And the years followed were record cold years. Explain yourselves out of that one, Climate Change Kool-aid drinkers.

  14. freba says:

    Key word here is SINCE. Seems it’s happened before. Hmmmmmm.

  15. Faxx Fantum says:

    SQUAAAAWK… That doesn’t count… Global Warming! Global Warming! SQUAAAAWK…

    “Climate Change” is the term used after fake scientists are caught lying about “Global Warming!”

  16. Sammy says:

    Is this a climate disruption event or simply climate change? Either way, I’m sure wealth redistribution will solve it.

  17. See, this PROVES that global warming is happening. It’s just so complicated that you couldn’t possibly understand it.

  18. Tom says:

    You mean they had global warming in 1912?

  19. mickrussom says:

    The Church of Climatology has declared AGW real and thus it is. Al Goreleone needs your breathing air tax/protection money.

  20. Chemjohn says:

    If climate change caused by human activities- mostly fossil fuel from cars,coal burning power plants, etc- is the explanation for these 2013-14 winter cold record, then what caused it in 1912? The gasoline/kerosene burning Stanley Steamer? Electricity was just getting implemented, so there were few power plants. People did have coal furnaces and Ben Franklin stoves though. From the graph included in this article, it looks like around 1895 it was pretty cold and around 1915 it was rather hot. Guess there were a lot more model “T” s on the road in 1915.

    • atthemurph says:

      That cooling in 1912 and 1899 was normal climactic variation. THIS cooling is caused by evil, energy consuming humans who must surrender their freedoms so that they can live in temperature controlled safety.

    • Redace says:

      kinda like the pollution from all the cars Genghis Khan used during the middle ages caused the global warming that occurred in the 9th to 12th century

  21. sktuc says:

    Hey, I just went on Cryosphere Today’s website.
    I compared 12/31/2007 Arctic Satellite Image to 03/10/2014 Satellite Image.
    Holy Crap , Yeah, I mean Holy Crap, the Arctic Ice Cap and Snow is really getting out of Control.
    Help Global Warmers we are going to Freeze , REALLY, NO BS,
    We need more CO2 to Warm up the Earth.
    Check it out , I’m serious.

  22. darwin says:

    Remember this next January when NASA tells us this is one of the X hottest years on record, and 8 of the 10 hottest years have occurred in the last decade.

  23. darwin says:

    I still don’t understand how the temperature 100 years ago became the perfect temperature for the world.

    • mickrussom says:

      No, its any time period they want to “prove” AGW. And they have the perfect example, the Dinosaurs and their horrible DGW, Disnosauric Global Warming, destroyed the Jurassic (wait, no , it didnt, it was the best time for life on earth with 1950 ppm CO2 – sorry).

  24. Gary Griffin says:

    Well, we are finally successful in lowering the CO2 enough to cause an ice age.

    • blammmer says:

      thank God! or obama, same difference

    • rho1953 says:

      If they were smart they would declare victory over global warming and call it a day, but the visions of energy taxes are dancing in their heads. It is ALL about the money and control. It is convenient that the cure for global warming is taxes and regulation, which is the same cure the democrats have for everything.

  25. voodoo says:

    Dang global warming!

  26. you simply can not fix repuke stupidity

  27. peter913 says:

    Don’t you love that global warming Mr. Gore?

  28. Burbank Burner says:

    This is just after the Marxist redistribution loving, socialist-democrat party hacks had an “all nighter” to discuss why “Global Warming” and human caused “Climate Change” is real. Hairy reed and his band of delusional morons must be getting ready for more “Global Warming” in the beltway. There are lots of shovels in DC for snow and commie rhetoric. They are all imbeciles!

  29. Joe Durzo says:

    There is no rain Global Warming! There is rain Global warming! It is cold Global warming!
    It is warm Global warming! There is more Antarctic ice Global warming! The Hudson Bay is frozen Global Warming! The Great Lakes are frozen over Global warming.
    There has been no warming for almost 20 years Er, Er,—– Its Climate change, er that’s right climate change. Lose an argument, change the question. Pretty easy when you are intellectually dishonest

  30. mickrussom says:

    The Jurassic period. O2 in atmosphere 130% modern levels. CO2 is 1950ppm, 5-7 times modern levels. Temperature a WHOLE 3 DEGREES C over modern times – Oh noes!. The Jurassic DGW, Dinsaurogenic Global Warming, shows that those Dinosaurs, with their Airplanes, and Cars, and stuff, you know, they Dinosaurs and their DGW destroyed! THE WHOLE PLANET! With their DGW! Look, who wants 26% atmospheric oxygen? More air to breathe? Who wants that! And who wants more CO2 @1950, you know, to make all those plants and trees convert that CO2 into a higher O2! Who wants that! And we DONT want the massive biodiversity of the Jurassic, no, we dont want more plants and animals and trees, no.

    • blammmer says:

      some might call you a “science-hating, knuckle-dragger, flat-earth, racist … ” for sayign such things

  31. blammmer says:

    The only solution I can think of is for all the dingbats in congress to have an all night talkathon

  32. johnnyb99 says:

    just more proof of man made global warming if youre a useful idiot.

    if man were to be eliminated i guess the temp would change a degree and environmentlalists would rejoice in heaven for the birds and bees. first destroy our economy. then give power over our industries to some foregin govt body who can loot us for all the harm weve done be bringint them out of the dark ages and having the cleanest energy and least pollution.

    go get that stolen money a g, and the green cronies! you bought all those govt grant paid liars w stolen tax money too. biggest scam ever perpetrated on the taxpayer.

    all behind bars. all the scientist.

    as soon as someone says science is settled and they wont even entertain the other side, you know youre dealing with crooks.

  33. Actually that chart says it’s the coldest since 1899.

  34. harry says:

    I missed the professional and scientific relative correlation to the low sun activity of the same time period. Did they explain it or are still preaching the global breathing tax err?? climate change, err?? weather?

  35. Psalmon says:

    RSS global satellite data for the same period shows Earth +0.2 deg C above 35 year average. So if it weren’t for that it would be the coldest ever. Makes you want to stay up all night, shut down the US economy, and reduce the global population by 5 billion people.

    • Alky says:

      They’re working hard on reducing the population. One of these days they’ll get the swine flu or the bird flu or some other animal’s flu just right and remove those 5 billion people. Don’t take flu shots!

      • Psalmon says:

        It’s called sustainability. So is this…

        John Holdren’s book (O’s science adviser) included these gems for population control:
        – compulsory abortion
        – adding sterilants to drinking water or staple foods
        – forced sterilization for women after giving birth to a designated number of children
        – enforced population controls

        You may have heard about O’care’s “death panels” but you haven’t yet heard of the “birth panels” to come. And who get’s “permission” to breed? Maybe Party donors. Just a guess.

        These guys are lunatics. We ‘aint seen nothin’ yet.

  36. jeff arthur says:

    Al Gore is the expert on global warming even though he never got better than ‘D’ in any Science class taken in all levels of his education.

  37. Record cold . . . . sure seems like it’s the perfect time to have some global warming. If it wasn’t for global warming, we might all freeze to death.

  38. Steven Cohen says:

    I live 210 feet above sea level. Just to be safe I keep a canoe in the garage. All those brilliant scientists can’t be wrong.

  39. glenp says:

    HARRY “squinteye” REID says all skeptics should be convinced now!!!!

  40. Mike in Missouri says:

    Wow. Look at that man-made climate change that was happening in 1912

  41. MacDaddyWatch says:

    What’s the ideal temperature for Earth? What’s average or normal? Is it warmer or cooler than today? What’s better, warmer or cooler? We have had 4.6 billion years of daily climate change, not a day goes by with climate change. Why are all the climate models reliably inaccurate predictors.

    Speaking about models, does anyone remember Long-Term Capital and the two Nobel Prize winners who built their models? What ever happened to LTC?

    • blammmer says:

      to be frank, one doesn’t exist… we are simply inducing climate horror into our minions to get them to do our bidding

  42. Enuf Alrdy says:

    And Southern CA has an all year long summer and completely misses out on winter.

  43. jkozuh says:

    It’s normal for humans to be male or female. But what is the NORM for the climate? If we are warming or cooling, was the NORM back in 2000 BC or AD 500 … ???

  44. D'ny'r says:

    “Too much deny’in go’in on!”
    The climate changers “feel good” about themselves… that’s all that matters.
    They think they care more than the lot of you… they think they are doing more than the lot of you… and they have Al Gore, Apple’s Tim Cook, Virgin’s Richard Branson, supporting them.

    The cold weather, hot weather, smog, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the little girl dropping her ice cream cone on the ground at Dollywood… all caused by “climate change”!
    But hey… the change-believers care more… so they must be right!

    So while they are wasting money on futile efforts to prove and stop what is not caused by man… the rest of us will either move to the cooler grasslands of the Sahara, or the warmer grasslands of the Arctic… whichever past life-survivable climate the Earth might revisit.

  45. Resa says:


    Which law of Thermodynamics makes it get colder from Global Warming???

  46. How can this be?I thought that there was”irrefutable Scientific Evidence”to the contrary???

  47. JP says:

    The world is billions of years old. Man has been on it for the equivalent of a drop of water in a bucket. We have kept records for less than that drop. Truth is we don’t know what normal is. An ice age maybe part of a normal cycle or a dry dust we just don’t know.

    • JoJoJams says:

      I disagree with this part, ” Man has been on it for the equivalent of a drop of water in a bucket.” A better analogy is that we’ve been around for the equivalent of a drop of water in an ocean. 😉

  48. NowYouKnow says:

    And this is why the Warmists have cranked up their rhetoric in the past week. They are afraid that it may soon be GAME OVER.

  49. Steve .Brown says:

    Wow, it even looks like a cycle!!! GASPS

  50. Zonablue says:

    So, what was it again that was causing global warming in 1912? Just wondering.

  51. DC says:

    A fact: The warming trend ended approximately 15 years ago.

  52. Jason says:

    Kerry and Obama, stop trying to divide Israel and allow Iran to possess WMD’s!!!

    Our distress is tied to putting Israel behind the 8 ball.

    Zechariah 12:3 ” And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.”

    Joel 3:2 “I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.”

    Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

  53. Robb Evans says:

    More snow – “proof” of global warming.
    Less snow – “proof” of global warming.

    More rain – “proof” of global warming.
    Less rain – “proof” of global warming.

    More tornadoes – “proof” of global warming.
    Less tornadoes – “proof” of global warming.

    More hurricanes – “proof” of global warming.
    Less hurricanes – “proof” of global warming.

    More wind – “proof” of global warming.
    Less wind – “proof” of global warming.

    More hail – “proof” of global warming.
    Less hail – “proof” of global warming.

    More clouds – “proof” of global warming.
    Less clouds – “proof” of global warming.

    Colder summer – “proof” of global warming.
    Warmer summer – “proof” of global warming.

    Colder winter – “proof” of global warming.
    Warmer winter – “proof” of global warming.

    Drier spring – “proof” of global warming.
    Wetter spring – “proof” of global warming.

    Ad nauseum.

  54. Paul Verlaine says:

    If it’s cold now, it will eventually get warmer. Then they can scream about global warming again, the only solution for which is more taxes! So, stand by – summer is coming and the cause will be global warming!

  55. hawaiirules says:

    All is explained by the Polish Gortex or something like that.

    • blammmer says:

      LOL … (funny, but having polish heritage, I’m highly offended… MODERATOR!)

    • Brent Wilson says:

      You won’t be laughing if the polish vortex comes to Hawaii. The islands will be much bigger as the sea level falls, and the haolis will be skiing on mauna loa…

  56. Global Swarming [around the fireplace]

  57. The Real Ombudsman says:

    Yes, the climate change obsessed will tell us it’s climate change, no matter what. They won’t be happy until all of us are spayed and neutered (except them), we destroy all of our cars and anything else using a carbon-based fuel source, and we all return to nature and graze for our food (no meat, mind you).

  58. Joe says:

    Must have had global warming…. Er Harry Reid changed that term recently to Climate change in 1912. Or could it be the climate is never static, always changing? Harry is right, the climate is changing like it always has, wrong that the Federal Government needs to weigh in. Really don’t think the Earth cares.

  59. Vince says:

    We better hurry up and do something so that global warming doesn’t get any colder.

  60. getalife says:

    When it gets hot, proof of global warming?

    • amiller says:

      For 14 billion years, the earth has been cooling and warming in cycles. The fact that the earth may be warming or cooling at any point in time is not news.

  61. Jim says:

    Yes, winter is almost over, but I expect next winter to be the same or a little worse.
    Yeah I know that no one wants to read that, But I think its best to error on the safe side and be prepared, the weather patterns I’m seeing europe match those from the start of the Maunder Grand Solar Minima 400 years ago and if this keeps going like I think it will, the next 15 to 20 years the winters are going to get brutally cold in the United States.

    • carlb says:

      ice ages unlike the movies take 100’s of years to get going. if we are heading for one in a thousand years it will be in full gear. and we will be ground to dust under the weight of a 2 mile thick glacier over 1/2 of america. sea levels will decline.we could be heading into a mini ice age like you described. and we have been lied to over a phony religous science that has turned political not factual!

  62. The date is misleading. It’s the coldest since 1901.

  63. Yes I know Al (Gore). All this cold weather is not a reason to stop believing in global warming. Yes I understand Al, Global warming is what caused the cold weather. I’m not stupid.

  64. carlb says:

    it proves one thing that man is just a puny little creature like a ant on a ant hil. the sun has more to do with weather. but we are stuck with this baloney because it has become political and is a easy way to implement things that countries do not want or have had a vote on. a world government located at the un. where countries are governed by a seat at the un. but the most devious aspect is a total redistribution of wealth to cess pools all over the world run by warlords and corruption! it’s panem on a global scale!

  65. eric says:

    Let me get this straight. The Great Lakes are 90% covered in ice because of global warming. Oh yeah that makes perfect sense to me. But on the other hand, I’m just a racist and it’s Bush’s fault.

  66. badbob85037 says:

    Hasn’t anyone heard? It’s no longer Global Warming, it’s Climate Change that use to be called Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall

  67. Warren College says:

    If you present the “what is the normal temperature?” argument to a warmer, they will reply “That’s not the issue! The issue is we are warming faster than ever!!!!!” or “We are paused at levels higher than ever!!!”. Just a warning. Be prepared with good facts. The warmers won’t listen to them, but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of presenting a valid point.

  68. Oh my, I think the sun may have burned out, oh, I forgot its global warming!! How cold is warming, how warm is colding?? JUST ASKING

  69. everett says:

    I just want to give up. Trudging along the Mediocrity Highway and, whine, Al Gore gets to invent the INTERNET and GLOBAL WARMING all in one lifetime. Just ain’t fair.

  70. It must take a lot of warm air to make it so cold.

  71. Justin Banks says:

    Don’t believe it’s cold you deniers….the models say otherwise. Reality not cooperating with model outputs makes no sense. Trust the models.

  72. Rex says:


    Democrats are just figuring out that the weather changes…..

    Climate = THE WEATHER prevailing in an area,

    I pity people stupid enough to believe Obama’s lies…..

  73. Joel O'Bryan says:

    New Little Ice Age cometh.
    Models be damned, Nature don’t care. Just like HoneyBadger don’t care.

  74. Dwayne Keith says:

    The only thing constant about our climate is that it has always changed. I’ve yet to hear any of the scientists explain this away.

  75. No mater what, the climate change myrmidons will bow to their false gods and proclaim that any one that disagrees with them is possessed by the devil and should be shot on sight for their heresy.

  76. lectorconstans says:

    Democrat Senators held a marathon talkathon recently, to further the cause of Global Warming. Fortunately, the Senate has heaters.

    Much of the MSM didn’t bother to report that billiionaire Tom Steyer (huge Democrat supporter) promised to generously fund the campaigns of Democrat senators up for re-election, who supported the GW agenda.

    I’m sure we’ll find his name on the “contributors list” for all the Senators who spoke out that night.

    Senators are so cheaply bought.

  77. rho1953 says:

    As one of the few honest climatologists admitted, even if you believe in AGW, it would take a century or more to see the effects of a draconian cut in co2 emissions. We might put up with it for a few years, but when people start dying by the tens of thousands of hypothermia in the winter because they can’t afford heat, and when they die by the tens of thousands in the summer because they can’t afford AC, and we cut our economy in half over this nonsense, the public will have had enough.

  78. Doug Lynn says:

    I need help with a couple questions.
    (1) Does more CO2 cause the climate to be warmer or colder, or just cause it to change?
    (2) How do they know whether the climate is getting more normal or less normal given that we do not have thousands of years of temperature and storm data to compare?

  79. Lindy says:

    Notice that the “NORMAL” relates to a very narrow time scale of approximately 120 years. Absolute infintesimally small when you consider the entire geologic history of the earth. What is “normal” for the last 10,000 years, or 100,000 years? Paleoclimatologist have found much lower temperature trends and much higher temperature trends over the many millenia for various time periods.

  80. justavoice says:

    What is normal? The Earth is 3.5 billion years old. We have zero variable proof of what the average world temperature is covering that period of time. History will show that this climate movement was nothing more then a movement driven by greed and egocentric fools.

  81. Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the internet he invented. Oh, the irony!

  82. Plastics Tekkie says:

    Stop blaming it all on poor Al Gore. Think for a minute. Did you forget that the Puxatawny Phil saw his shadow on Feb 2? THAT’s why its so doggone cold!

  83. Sue says:

    I believe that this is hell freezing over…

  84. JVJJ says:

    I hope someone sends this article to Al-Buffoon.

  85. Weenie HOT Dog says:

    This is just basic science here; in order to be able to say humans cause global warming, three conditions must be met. First, humans need to come before global warming, to satisfy the condition of temporal order. We all know that this just isn’t the case; global warming and cooling existed before humanity. Second, a correlative relationship between the two variables must be present. This isn’t the case either; temperatures have not been increasing for the past 15 + years. Lastly, there needs to be no spurious relationship between the two, meaning other variables can’t cause the apparent correlative relationship. However, we don’t even need to go into that one because there isn’t correlation. Geez! These “scientists” who say there is so much proof really need to go back to the basics!

    • Polar Ferret says:

      Basics in science? This crowd doesn’t believe in science, they believe in propaganda and any means that justifies the same.

  86. Fastowl says:

    You guys just don’t get it. After the big freeze of 1912 the gubbmint fixed everything for the next 100 years. How you ask? We set up the Federal Reserve the next year to properly control inflation; money inflation; climate inflation; you name it inflation. So the problem is that we are back in the deep freeze again and by definition requires some new massive gubbmint intervention to protect the children for the next 100 years. Ignore ancient history; ignore sun cycles, ignore anything that might interfere with imperfect models. Hmmm….now what was that butterfly effect?

  87. Adrienne M says:

    All I know is, it is almost the Ides of March, it is 19 degrees out, and I see a week ahead with ONE day in the 50s, and the rest hovering around freezing. This winter will break all records.

  88. Paul In Pgh says:

    Not to worry, NOAA and NCDC will just go back and change the past temperature data to whatever it needs to be so they can then declare it the “warmest” period on record just as they have done before.

  89. Joe says:

    If there is a war on climate change why don’t we attack Indian, China and Brazil. They are the top C02 emission producers. Hey Obama drop a nuke on them and start a war. What a farce!

    Hypocrites ALL Dems are Hypocrites!

  90. Davin Peterson says:

    1912 was the year Titanic sunk after hitting an iceberg. It was really cold then and an unusually high amount of icebergs

  91. nrgxmsn says:

    You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to understand the minds of those whose FAITH in global warming causes them to believe cooling is the result of warming. Or to understand how man causes weather CHANGE (you know seasonal flucuations) all just to extract dollars from American Industry and thus American people. You have certainly noticed the global warming (climate change) zelots have absolutely no care whatsoever about Russia, China, Europe and Canada’s air pollution control standards. Because it is a hoax and a sham it is all about power and money.

  92. JD says:

    The ruling Elite have told two Big lies:
    1) About Global Warming

    2) DIVERSITY Is our strength!

    DIVERSITY is just a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE

  93. Paul E. Click says:

    Genesis 8:22 Thank God we can’t screw up the weather like we do everything else!

  94. Testicules says:

    The Glo-Bull Warming Cult is the One True Religion and Al Gore is it’s Prophet!

    Algore Akbar!
    Algore Akbar!
    Algore Akbar!

  95. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    If you like your interglacial period, you can keep it.

  96. Tonyg says:

    Oh! call the White House Obama will take care of it . . . . they know what the problem is and will be glad to spend your hard earned tax money on fixing and fixing and fixing and fixing the problem and them fix it again for good major and then tell you it is Bush that caused the problem in the first place. . . . pathetic this big deal ABOUT WINTER . . . .

  97. margaret says:

    It is all about the money, there is no global warming or global cooling, it is a normal sun radiation variable that we can not avoid or control it. That is way we have four seasons, the angle of the tilt of the earth can make more climate changes than anything else on earth.
    Don’t believe any of the hoopla spread by the democrats and Obama, it is all lies after lies.

  98. Steve Carousso says:

    There is a difference between above/below NORMAL and above/below AVERAGE.

  99. Calling Global Warming !! calling Global warming where ought tho…….

  100. scientist says:

    The USA is experiencing extreme cold while much of everywhere else is getting heating of extreme levels…..You do realise it is a GLOBAL average, not just a US average we speak of when concerning warming trends over long term periods?

  101. We know Obama, your healthcare plan failed to draw in enough tax revenue because nobody wants it……can’t afford it, need jobs, need to pay tuition costs instead.
    Now your pushing climate change so you can implement carbon taxes as an alternative………..but again people don’t care. They are focused on meeting their monthly bills and desperately trying to find a good job that no longer exists.

  102. Ted M. says:

    I call our present situation “The Al Gore Earth furnace”

  103. JoJoJams says:

    The Washington Post
    The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulafft, at Bergen , Norway
    Reports from fishermen, seal hunters, and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes.

    Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

    Very few seals and no white fish are found in the eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far north, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds. Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.
    * * * * * * * * *
    I apologize, I neglected to mention that this report was from November 2, 1922, as reported by the AP and published in The Washington Post – 90+ years ago.

    • Andy Oz says:

      Like now, the old media preferred drama in the Arctic.
      Amundsen’s rowing team didn’t have Reggie’s blowtorch or the nuclear icebreakers and didn’t start in Norway as the probably should have.


      “Although the Maud drifted and shouldered her way about 2500 miles west of Nome (Alaska) the currents carried her but little in a northerly direction. It was for this reason that Captaln Amundsen ordered the expedition to be abandoned, The lowest temperature recorded during the drift was 84 deg. below zero.”

      • Andy Oz says:

        Shock news: Scandinavian Scientist in 1929 knows more about oceanic circulation than the 2014 Australian Climate Council.
        “Formerly it was assumed that the oceanic circulation was caused by the winds, but recent investigations have made it clear that the main cause is the direct transformation of radiant heat from the sun imparted to the water in lower latitudes, and transported with the warm surface currents to the Arctic and Antarctic “centres,” to which I have alluded.”
        – Dr Petterson 1929

        • Mayberryfan says:

          Just love how some of these people question the credentials of this writer but never question those of Al Gore who isn’t a scientist, and who flunked out of divinity school. Pretty nervy to call others “biased.” Check yourself.

  104. 100 years is not even a dot on the Earth’s timeline. Climate change is real and has been occurring naturally for over 4.5+ billion years and will continue to do so, no matter what man does (or thinks he can do). Robbing ever dollar from hard working Americans will do nothing other than line the pockets of a select few (UN, Al Gore, researchers, politicians, etc.).
    Just like the African humid period began and ended suddenly, there is nothing man can do about it but there is one thing that we all can be sure of and that is some how, some way … it has to be Bush’s fault! 🙂

  105. The cold spell actually doe snot disprove global warming, contrary to what is popularly thought. Ample evidence indicates that very frequently changes in rainfall can ameliorate warming of temperatures from man-made emissions of greenhouse gases in multiple ways:

    1) A poleward shift of the Hadley circulation can increase cloud cover on the edge of the tropical monsoon belts. As seen very frequently in Australia since the middle 1970s, this can lower temperatures compared to a simple warming from greenhouse gases by up to 5˚C or 10˚F
    2) A poleward shift of the Hadley circulation can reduce cloud cover over formerly Mediterranean climates, severely lowering night temperatures, as seen dramatically in southwestern Australia in 2010 (‘’ and ‘’). Note that average runoff into Perth’s dams since 2006 is about 17 percent of the virgin mean and was only once underdone between 1882 and 2000.
    3) A poleward shift in the Hadley circulation can cause high pressure systems to drive colder air into continents east of the former Mediterranean climate zones, as seen recently in the US.

    • lectorconstans says:

      You’re correct, in that cold (or hot) spells are weather, not climate. What does disprove it is the temperature record over the last 15 or so years, which (when not “adjusted”), shows no warming trend.

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