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Look Familiar?

Major Frankenstorm Hazel in October, 1954 brought 98 MPH winds to Washington DC – the highest ever recorded. A cold front collided with a major hurricane. No one was stupid enough in 1954 to blame the storm on CO2.

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Global Weirding In Hayhoeville

Katherine Hayhoe is convinced that heavy rainfall events in West Texas are due to global warming. The closest USHCN station to Hayhoeville is at Crosbyton, and it shows no evidence to support her claim. Two of the three heaviest rainfalls they have … Continue reading

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All Storms Are Now Rare Behemoths

With much of the Eastern Seaboard in the path of a rare behemoth storm, residents of the nation’s most densely populated corridor contemplated whether to heed dire warnings of torrential rain, high winds and up to 2 feet of snow. … Continue reading

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1938 Frankenstorm

26 Sep 1938 – AWFUL DEVASTATION New England Hurricane And-Floo…

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1954 Frankenstorm

18 Oct 1954 – Hurricane blowing itself out NEW YORK, Monday

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1944 Frankenstorm


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1950 Frankenstorm

26 Nov 1950 – New York Hurricane

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Hit And Run Witchcraft

In order to get your mob to burn witches, you have to be able to convince other people that someone turned you into a newt. Global warming nutjobs have no data to support their claims that the weather is worse … Continue reading

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All Six Inch Rainfall Events On Long Island Occurred Before 1992

Bridgehampton, NY has had five days which received more than six inches of rain. The rainiest day was in 1954. U.S. Historical Climatology Network

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Extreme Rainfall Events In Decline In New Jersey

Team climate liar has been spreading propaganda today that extreme rainfall events are increasing on the east coast of the US. As with everything else they say, the truth is the exact opposite. The five rainiest days in Atlantic City, NJ all … Continue reading

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