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Autumn Colors In Montana

National Park Service Webcam Twitter / RyanMaue: Winter Storm Athena getting …

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Obama Hoping To Kill The Second Amendment

Congress is the only thing keeping Obama from trying to repeal the right to bear arms. “Even if I want to take them (guns) away, I don’t have the votes in Congress’’ – Barack Obama 2008

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Disturbing News : No Hurricanes In Florida For Seven Years

Florida used to average about one hurricane per year, and now averages about one every other year. The ongoing stretch of non-hurricanes is the longest on record, and looks like it will extend into its eighth year. This is completely consistent with climate model … Continue reading

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Election Results In!

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My September 2013 Arctic Forecast

Five year old ice will increase. NSIDC will have to raise the bar to six year old ice.

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Morning Invocation Part Deux

A great sin is spreading over the land. The CO2 gods have repeatedly warned the flock of sheeple not to gaze on the southern ice, but the congregation has backslid and millions have eaten from the tree of Antarctic knowledge. Woe … Continue reading

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High School Football Team Obliterates The NFL’s Finest

Antarctica broke the record for most sea ice ever measured at either pole, beating the Arctic record by more than 17,000 Manhattans. The religious faithful have  responded with their usual idiotic comments. Twitter / AGW_Prof: Sea ice. Antarctic vs Arctic … Continue reading

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Fall Colors In Greenland

October has cooled down a bit in Greenland, and the glorious display of autumn colors has arrived. History | Weather Underground In related news, the Tour de Greenland has stripped Lance Armstrong of his title – because it was discovered that … Continue reading

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Seen In Colorado

Colorado will be the scene of a great disaster today. I-25 is shut down in Denver for five hours due to the arrival of the messiah, who has come to repeat the same bullshit and pretend that George Bush was … Continue reading

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Morning Invocation

Thou shalt fear and offer sacrifices to the ice-free Arctic, which the disciples have calculated as the size of Egypt. Once the Arctic becomes ice-free, a great plague shall cover the land – from which the people shall never recover. Repent of … Continue reading

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