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Obama Outsourcing Green Layoffs With Your Tax Dollars

A Danish wind turbine company whose subsidiaries received over $50 million in U.S. stimulus dollars announced on Friday it has cut more than 800 jobs in the United States and Canada this year and may be forced to lay off … Continue reading

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“Spontaneous YouTube Protest” Caught On Tape As Well Organized Terrorist Attack

The liar in chief spent two weeks blaming his failure in Libya on YouTube, and went so far as to attempt to censor YouTube. Now it turns out that there were ground and drone films of the attack. Video footage … Continue reading

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Obama Unveils His Green Energy Plan – Peas

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Colorado As A Microcosm Of The Planet

Colorado is divided into two demographics. Most of the state (geographically speaking) is sane Republican territory. By contrast  the Democratic areas (Denver, Boulder, etc.) are occupied by the highest density of whack jobs in the US. Aurora shooting Columbine shooting Jon … Continue reading

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The Safety Of 320 PPM CO2

Bill McKitten wants us to sacrifice our freedom and money, in a mindless attempt to restore the weather back to his psychotic fantasy. 05 Oct 1949 – HURRICANE SMASHES THROUGH TEXAS

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Shocking Sea Level Rise At Crescent City, California


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Arctic Gaining 1.3 Manhattans Of Ice Per Minute

Scientists have been all over the press corpse with stories of Arctic ice melt and doom, while the actual Arctic has gained 750,000 km² of ice during  the past week. That is more new ice than the area of France. … Continue reading

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USHCN 2.5 New Temperature Cheat

USHCN has been having to cheat harder and harder every month to create the false impression that the US is warming. Index of /pub/data/ushcn/v2/monthly They announced last week a new USHCN 2.5 version, which I predicted would introduce a new … Continue reading

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Orange Ball Day Today At The Greenland Country Club


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Green Electricity Is For Morons

Fossil fuel powered energy is cheaper, more efficient, reliable and much better for the environment. James Hansen and his band of fellow imbeciles should be held accountable for the mass stupidity they have wrought.

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