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Rapper Doesn’t Get To The Beach Much

Rapper Baba Brinkman also demonstrates incomprehensible and breathtaking stupidity. “people are currently dying from the rise of the ocean” This imbecile better not try surfing. He might drown in a one millimeter wave. Reading something in The Guardian is not an excuse for … Continue reading

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Michael Mann Strikes Out With Breathtaking Stupidity

Arctic Ice Melt, Sea Level Rise May Pose Imminent Threat To Island Nations, Climate Scientist Says Low-lying island nations threatened by rising sea levels this century could see the disastrous consequences of climate change far sooner than expected, according to … Continue reading

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The Amazing Power Of Global Warming

During the run-up to Wednesday’s debate, I remember seeing kids in the background of live shots wearing shorts and thinking, “Huh. Looks pretty nice in Denver.” Friday morning, it snowed there. Actually, it turned cold in Colorado  as soon as … Continue reading

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You Can Trust The Government

Thalidomide, which was developed by the Nazis,  was highly recommended for pregnant women.

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Labor Department Competing With USHCN For Top Fraud Position In Government

Obama has apparently been talking to his buddy Hugo about campaign strategy. Truly shocking in the report was that the number of unemployed people dropped by 456,000 to  12.1 million. Maybe more shocking, total employment, as measured by the Household Survey, rose by … Continue reading

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