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Great Stats

My top blog post today is a picture of a broken (empty) chair titled “Debate Results Are In” Huge amounts of traffic are coming to the site from Internet searches for “debate results.” I hope they are pleased with what … Continue reading

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2012 – Worse Than It Seems

The movie “2012” started with the family camping in Yellowstone in December in shirtsleeves – with mosquitoes swarming. Climate change must be worse than it seems, because single digit temperatures are forecast for Yellowstone on Saturday. Weather Street: Temperature Forecast … Continue reading

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Will Obama Pull A George Bush Sr.?

Bush Sr. sabotaged Bill Clinton by sending troops on a hopeless mission to Somalia – right before he left office. Clinton took the bait and turned Somalia into a world class flustercluck.

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Obama Runs Into Problems Without His Teleprompter

Without a teleprompter in front of him, he thinks he is a Muslim from Kenya 1991 Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii’ 2004 Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate 2007 http://web.archive.org/web/20070403190001 2008 Nigerian Observer Online Edition

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The Unfair Advantage Of Altitude

Presidential loser 2000 says that presidential loser 2012 was hurt by the altitude in Denver, which gave Romney an unfair advantage. This makes sense, because Romney’s home in Belmont, MA  is at 41 feet elevation – so he is used to … Continue reading

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Obama Loses His Mind In Wake Of Debate Disaster

By David Nakamura, Thursday, October 4, 11:32 AM DENVER — A day after his subdued debate performance, President Obama delivered a feistier critique of Republican nominee Mitt Romney, telling 12,000 supporters on Thursday that his rival had misrepresented his positions … Continue reading

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Military To Defend America With $50,000 Golf Carts

Obama needs to show a few sales of Chevy Volts, so has ordered the Pentagon to steal money from your children and buy lots of worthless, overpriced golf carts. Electric vehicles are becoming a more common sight on military bases as the … Continue reading

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Important Reminder About Ice

Once ice on the surface of a body of water melts, it can never form again. Particularly at high latitudes, where temperatures are far below freezing for nine months a year. Down here at 40N, we observe this every year. … Continue reading

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The Obama Effect

We had six months of beautiful warm weather in Colorado – until Obama’s plane landed for the debate.  Temperatures plummeted 35 degrees over the following hour, and winter arrived. A bitter cold wind sent him on his way after his … Continue reading

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Will Global Warming Make Scientist’s Brains Work Even Slower?

Will Climate Change Slow Marathon Times? Climate change is blamed for melting ice, shrinking animals and brewing more intense storms around the globe — but is it slowing the top finish times at the Boston Marathon? Not yet, researchers found, though future … Continue reading

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