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November 6 Opportunity

The upcoming election provides America the opportunity to again make America about Americans – conserving the vast amounts of money, energy and time currently being sucked up by Obama’s spectacularly insecure ego.

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Obama/Biden Debate Coach Arrives In Gotham

It took many hours of hard work to teach Barack and Joe how to smirk like that.

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Global Warming After The Election

After the election, Obama will either be a four month lame duck or a four year lame duck. Regardless of the election outcome, I’m predicting that Obama is going to start taking global warming very seriously – because it is the perfect vehicle … Continue reading

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Obama Delivers $52 Per Gallon Biofuel To The Air Force

Obama is strengthening America’s military by cutting their budget and making them purchase environmentally destructive fuel at 1500% of the normal price. The Air Force bought 11,000 gallons of alcohol-to-jet fuel from Gevo Inc, a Colorado biofuels company, at $59 … Continue reading

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AB-32 Success

California has solved the global warming crisis. Tahoe Cam – Live Tahoe Webcam

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Scientists Believe That Faster Growing Crops Will Lead To Armageddon

CO2 makes crops grow faster, which causes more greenhouse gases, which means the climate will change and kill us all. A new study led by the University of California, Davis finds that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, coupled with rising temperatures, … Continue reading

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Missing Arctic Ice Moves To Montana

Scientists tell us that the Arctic is rapidly melting at -15C, but lower latitudes seem to be melting more slowly. National Park Service Webcam

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Greenland Was Warmer Seventy Years Ago

Greenland only has one long term GHCN station, and it was warmer there seventy years ago. There has only been one record maximum set so far this year, compared to sixteen in 1916. Alarmists pretend that time began in Greenland in 1980, because that … Continue reading

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Obama Wears Halloween Mask To Debate

He won the Nobel Peace Prize before he did anything, but his skeleton Halloween mask already deserves the award for being the scariest.

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