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The US Is Not Getting Hotter

Maximum temperatures in the US have not changed since 1895, and 2012 was only fourth hottest after 1921, 1925, and 1934. July temperatures have cooled slightly.

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NOAA Determined To Make 2012 The Warmest Year, No Matter How Much They Have To Lie And Cheat

January-September was already the warmest first nine months, according to temperature data released Tuesday by the National Climatic Data Center. Moreover, six of eight scenarios charted by the center have 2012 ending warmer than any other year in records that … Continue reading

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Government Experts : Sydney To Fry!

Sydney told to expect deadly warming spike Government study predicts 9 degree increase by 2070 1/31/2007 10:44:13 AM SYDNEY, Australia — Average temperatures in Sydney will rise by about 9 degrees during the next 65 years, with devastating consequences including … Continue reading

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Unbelievable – Yet Another USHCN Cheat

Index of /pub/data/ghcn/daily Index of /ftp/ushcn_daily You can’t make this stuff up. There is yet another USHCN cheat going on with the raw data – which I just discovered. The graph above plots USHCN 2.0 daily minus GHCN HCN daily … Continue reading

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July Was Fourth Hottest In The US

Another big NOAA lie is that July, 2012 was hottest on record in the US. The GHCN HCN daily data set (which is supposed to match the USHCN daily data set) shows that 2012 was fourth hottest, after 1901, 1936 and 1934. Index of … Continue reading

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