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Obama Says That Giving More Money To Solyndra Will Prevent The Hurricanes We Aren’t Having

The US is experiencing the quietest hurricane period in 150 years, and the fewest fires in a decade, and Obama says we can fix it by giving more money to Solyndra. President Barack Obama warned his supporters about the threat of global … Continue reading

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Shocking New Theory From Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin, the heretic, has proposed a brand new theory that climate change and environmental stress are an essential part of nature. This goes against the prevailing theory of morons that the climate used to be (and should be) stable. From The Origin … Continue reading

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Personal Climate Disruption

Over the past week I have experienced repeated changes of warm and cold weather, with swings of 40-50 degrees from day to day. According to top scientists, this should have killed all life within hundreds of miles – except for … Continue reading

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Candidates Asked To Part The Seas

10/11/12 1:24 PM EDT Florida scientists, engineers and city and county officials have sent a letter today to President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney asking them to address rising seas in the Oct. 22 debate in Boca Raton, Fla. “Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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McKitten Speaks For The Planet – But No One Is Listening

“I think I missed the part where they discussed the Arctic melting,” the environmentalist and author Bill McKibben recently quipped. A tireless spokesman for a planet in rapid and, as he sees it, dangerous flux, McKibben had taken to his … Continue reading

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Why We Need To Return To Safe Levels Of CO2

08 Feb 1890 – FAMINE.

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Added Benefit Of A Romney Win

Leavin’ on a jet plane: Obama supporters vow exodus from US if Romney wins | Twitchy h/t to Dave G

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