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McKitten Hoping For A Huge Disaster Next Week

He is all atwittered with excitement about the prospect of Sandy causing lots of misery.  Bill has been heartbroken ever since Isaac didn’t wipe out Tampa. (3) Bill McKibben (billmckibben) on Twitter

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Biden : Romney Gave A $500 Trillion Tax Cut To The Rich

“But you can’t erase what you’ve already done, they’ve voted to extend tax cuts for the very wealthy, giving a $500 trillion dollar tax-cut to 120,000 families.” VIDEO: Biden Accuses Romney-Ryan Of $500 TRILLION TAX CUT! – Joe Biden – … Continue reading

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Cold Air To Make Sandy Strong

Our overheated atmosphere is producing lots of early cold air. Hurricane Sandy barrels towards the US – will it really be the end of days? The reason for this extremely low pressure is again due to the jet interaction. The … Continue reading

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NBC News Bumps Campaign Spending Up To Almost A Trillion Dollars

h/t to u.k.(us)

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The Great White Hurricane Of 1888

With up to 50 inches of snow dumped across the northeast of the United States, this monster blizzard was aptly dubbed ‘The Great White Hurricane’. Major metropolitan areas like New York faced severe winds of up to 45 miles an … Continue reading

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Shocking New Theory Of Sea Ice

I have discovered that Arctic and Antarctic ice are 180 degrees out of phase with each other, and  are 90 degrees out of phase with the elevation of the sun. This shocking behavior has been occurring for at least as … Continue reading

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Can Global Warming Be Stopped?

Global temperatures have been flat for almost sixteen years and are well below Hansen’s zero emissions Scenario C. This troubling data has led 97% of the world’s scientists to request more funding. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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The Nobel Peace Prize

Michael Mann never won the Nobel Peace Prize, but Yasser Arafat did for murdering the Israeli Olympic team. Later on, Barack Obama won the prize for doing nothing.

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Mikey Mann Bases His Lawsuit On A Fraudulent Claim

Michael Mann is the inventor of the fraudulent hockey stick, and is suing NRO based on another fraudulent claim. Geir Lundestad, Director, Professor, or The Norwegian Nobel Institute emailed me back with the following: 1) Michael Mann has never been … Continue reading

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CalTech Believes That They Can Slow Temperature Data Tampering With Chemicals

Global warming has been driven by government funded scientists upwards adjusting thermometer data, and other government funded scientists want to stop it by polluting the atmosphere. Could the Solution to Global Warming be More Chemicals? Could the answer to global warming actually … Continue reading

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