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Ad Hoc Science Can Explain Anything

The new normal in climate science is ad hoc science. Contrary to the climate models, Antarctic ice reaches a record high – so the team simply reaches into their bag of sciency sounding explanations related to any of the millions of degrees … Continue reading

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Obama Unveils His Plan To Help The Middle Class

It is called tough love. He wants to help you by taking your money away from you. Coal plants, natural gas plants, whatever the industry … they will pass their costs on to consumers

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Climate Change Famine Threatens Sudanese Tribesmen

17 Apr 1949 – Famine

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All Tee Times Called Off Today

At -44 degrees, the management has suspended play at the Greenland Meltdown Country Club. NASA tells us that 70% of the ice sheet melted in just three days this summer. summit:status:webcam

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November 7, 2012 Hangover

Quick quiz. Do you really want to wake up on November 7 stuck with the same lazy, incompetent, America hating, race baiting, community disorganizer for four more years?

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It Is Official : Time Began In 1980

5:34AM EST October 10. 2012 – The number of natural disasters per year has been rising dramatically on all continents since 1980, but the trend is steepest for North America where countries have been battered by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, searing heat … Continue reading

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Obamacare About To Crush Employment And Wages

Democrats were careful to make sure that Obamacare came into force after the election. The owner of Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants is putting more workers on part-time status in a test aimed at limiting the impact of looming … Continue reading

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Top Five Hottest 12 Month Periods All Ended In 1934

The top five 12 month periods in US history (based on USHCN raw maximum temperatures) all ended in 1934. Rank End Month Year Temperature 1 8 1934 67.9292 2 11 1934 67.8979 3 7 1934 67.7832 4 10 1934 67.7182 … Continue reading

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Disappearance Of Little Boy Breaks Hearts At Penn State University

Penn State is famous for their love of young boys, but the most famous niño is undergoing a sex change operation. This is again causing the hockey stick to go limp. sst_anom.gif (800×600)

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1,580 Record Low And Record Low Maximum Temperatures

Record lows outpace record highs by 30 to 1. Mission accomplished for Obama – doubling gasoline prices has healed the climate. HAMweather Climate Center – Record Events – Continental US View

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