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Fire Is An Essential Part Of The Pine Forest Cycle

I just took the pictures below in an area north of Los Alamos which was completely wiped out by fire 12 years ago. Prior to the fire, it was overgrown, sickly pine forest, caused by 70 years of fire suppression. Now it … Continue reading

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1974 Shock News : Polar Ice Caps Growing – Earth To Freeze


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1952 Shock News : Polar Ice Caps Melting – Earth To Drown


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Shock News : NSIDC Admits That Hansen Was Wrong

NASA’s climate messiah bleeds. What about NASA’s James Hansen putting out a report predicting global warming would decrease Antarctic ice by 40 percent? Scambos said the new ice data is “a contradiction” to Hansen’s prediction, but he said Hansen’s assessment … Continue reading

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Nature Tells Climate Scientists To Shut Up

A few days ago scientists predicted that global warming would cause marathon times to slow. Will Climate Change Slow Marathon Times? Climate change is blamed for melting ice, shrinking animals and brewing more intense storms around the globe — but is … Continue reading

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Messiah Rises After Three Days

Yesterday’s Denver Post had a WWII armistice sized headline : EMPLOYMENT GAINS After the messiah’s teleprompter-free crucifixion in Denver on Wednesday, the press is desperate to resurrect him.  They pulled the same stunt three days after the Libya disaster, by dropping coverage and … Continue reading

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Your Dog Is Destroying The Climate

People around the world are worrying about their carbon footprint. But what about their furry friends’ carbon pawprints? Mass mental illness Consider the numbers: there are currently around 1 billion pet cats and dogs worldwide (not to mention hundreds of … Continue reading

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My Hiking Buddies

I drove down to New Mexico to see my parents yesterday, and took a couple of short hikes with my little buddies on the way. Temperatures were about 30 degrees warmer on the other side of the Front Range. Today I am … Continue reading

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My USHCN 2.5 Forecast

USHCN deleted their monthly data last week, and apparently are making a transition from version 2.0 to 2.5. My guess about this surprise move is that they are going to make past “raw” data colder, and current “raw” data warmer. This … Continue reading

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Hottest Year Ever Update

NOAA apparently determined in March that 2012 would be the hottest year ever in the US, but the weather is making their job tougher. HAMweather Climate Center – Record Events for The Past 2 Days – Continental US View So … Continue reading

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