Greenland Was Warmer Seventy Years Ago

Greenland only has one long term GHCN station, and it was warmer there seventy years ago. There has only been one record maximum set so far this year, compared to sixteen in 1916.

Alarmists pretend that time began in Greenland in 1980, because that was a very cold period.

The graph below plots average daily temperatures for all Greenland stations, but is misleading because colder locations have been added recently.

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9 Responses to Greenland Was Warmer Seventy Years Ago

  1. Hugh K says:

    “Alarmists pretend that time began in Greenland in 1980, because that was a very cold period.”

    Oh yeah….we just learned about that in public school. You got the date right but the name wrong. 1980 was when Gorse settlers first arrived there and named it Greensustainabilityland.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, It’s time for my class to go to the school green cafe (you probably remember it as the cafeteria) and transfer my veggy & fruit rations from the tray to the waste bin.

  2. Cool Steve… Can you post a link to the raw data for Nuuk? I couldn’t find it. I like to best fit the waves to obviously cyclical charts like this… Mike S.

  3. Alarmists don’t pretend time begin in Greenland in 1980. They can’t remember any further back in time and they can’t remember where they put the archived records. Fortunately, from 1980 on, no one got around to filing the records and someone computerized them. So time begins in 1980. It’s a coincidence it was also when there was a cold period.

  4. Andy DC says:

    After the data is Hansenized, it will be much, much worse than we thought, nothing short of super duper exponential warm biased adjustments.

  5. ArndB says:

    In the East of Greenland it had been even warmer from 1919 to 1940!

    The temperature increase from 1921-1930 vs 1911-1920

    Arctic temperature deviation between 1880 to 2008

    Annual temperature Reykjavik 1900 to about 1950

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    GHCN data looks by mk 1 eyeball to be a nearly perfect correlation with the AMO. Why is that since even Mike Mann knows the AMO is cyclical?

    I mean CO2 has this absolutely ginormous effect on Greenland as we all know. Why, I expect the ice sheet in Greenland to quietly slip into the sea any moment now.

    • It’s also bemusing when eco-worriers post comments mocking ocean cycles as ‘denier nonsense’ oblivious to the fact that their ‘star’ researchers were the ones who have published voluminously on this topic and have even claimed to ‘discover’ these long term climate patterns. (I think Mann wishes to take credit for the PDO if my memory serves me.) When you point this out to eco-worriers, they inevitably go silent.

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