Rapper Doesn’t Get To The Beach Much

Rapper Baba Brinkman also demonstrates incomprehensible and breathtaking stupidity.

“people are currently dying from the rise of the ocean”

This imbecile better not try surfing. He might drown in a one millimeter wave. Reading something in The Guardian is not an excuse for not using your brain.


Below are high tide pictures at La Jolla, California from 140 years ago, and today.


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31 Responses to Rapper Doesn’t Get To The Beach Much

  1. Ivan says:

    A white rapper? What next?

    • gator69 says:

      It gets worse, he’s from Canada. 😉

      “Born in the remote community of Riondel, British Columbia, in a log cabin built by his parents,[1] Brinkman is the eldest of three children of Joyce Murray, a Member of the Parliament of Canada, and Dirk Brinkman, Sr., who is notable for having founded the world’s only private company responsible for planting more than one billion trees.[2] Dirk Sr gave Brinkman the honorific nickname “Baba” at birth, because of his son’s contemplative, Buddha-like expression.[3] Brinkman’s childhood was divided between Vancouver and the Kootenay region of British Columbia. He attended Crawford Bay School and Relevant High, a democratic school.

      Brinkman spent his early summers in remote tree planting camps,[4], and began planting trees himself at the age of 15. He worked for his parents’ business, Brinkman & Associates Reforestation, for twelve seasons in British Columbia and Alberta, personally planting more than one million trees.[5] During this period he also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Simon Fraser University and a Master of Arts degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Victoria, Canada. He studied human evolution and primatology with the orangutan researcher Biruté Galdikas and wrote his thesis comparing modern Hip hop freestyle battling with The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.”

      Yes, Baba the tree hugging apeman, is the new Chaucer.

    • rocknblues81 says:

      Never heard of Eminem, or even… lol Vanilla Ice?

  2. sunsettommy says:

    Wow what a great way to embarrass himself in front of the world.

  3. sunsettommy says:

    The imbecile’s claim: “people are currently dying from the rise of the ocean”.

    Fact: There are no documented evidence of people being killed by a 2.5 mm increase in sea level.

    • There is no valid evidence that sea level is rising anywhere near that fast.

    • rw says:

      You can find them in the same place as the 50,000,000 climate refugees.

      (Maybe the guy who did the Peace-Prize rap [he was Canadian by the way] could do a rap about those 50,000,000. And he could throw in a bit about the invisible sea rise that made them refugees.)

  4. Andy DC says:

    Enough people live along the ocean that if sea levels were rising, someone would have noticed by now.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      That’s another good point, Andy. Let’s see, among millions of people that live by a beach that are at least several decades old, not a single soul as far as I know has noticed any sea rise. If the ocean was flowing into their living rooms, these people would have noticed. But instead they get up every day and see that the sea is just the same. Not even an iota of sea level change. But the warmists in Colorado (or wherever) no where near any beach look at satellite data and use their computers to determine that the sea is rising rapidly. What utter bunk. Uber bunk. No, utter.

  5. kbray in california says:

    The Bay of Fundy in Canada lives with 53 feet of sea level rise TWICE EVERY DAY !


    How many wet refugees and drowned bodies do we see from that every day ?

    Humans adapt.

  6. darwin says:

    Rapper Baba Brinkman … climate fanatic and dumbass extraordinaire. This clown cites the UK Guardian as his information source?

  7. Independent says:

  8. I hope you correct that pair of La Jolla pictures; they are obviously both the same picture — down to the carriage and everyone of the people in both frames.

  9. tckev says:

    Rapper Baba Brinkman think, man, think!
    Think of the future.
    Think of the unholy noise and visual mess you are making.
    Think of the unwarranted destruction of global art, world imagination, and musical harmony you are causing.
    But mostly think of your children, and their children, and how they are going to get teased, and bullied all through their facebook life because of your selfish performance.

    If this message does anything it hopefully makes you stop and think. If it makes you think, and stops you feeling so smug, then there is just one thing to do –


  10. It’s global warming. No thinking required.

  11. Hugh K says:

    Striking pictures Steven, not only showing minimal sea rise (at worst) in La Jolla over the prior 140 years but also interesting to note the natural historical weathering/erosion of the boulders over the previous 140 years.

    This is important in so many aspects but particularly relevant in my home state of NC where the Republican dominated Congress recently passed a common-sense bill restricting all sea-level predictions used to guide state policies for the next four years to those based on “historical data.”

    If interested, here is a link to an ABC article which strangely quotes heavyweight climate science guru Stephen Colbert and has the amusing title – New Law in North Carolina Bans Latest Scientific Predictions of Sea-Level Rise. — http://abcnews.go.com/US/north-carolina-bans-latest-science-rising-sea-level/story?id=16913782
    Onward thru the fog….

    BTW – I should give a shout out/credit for the passage of this amazing legislation to physicist/energy expert John Droz who has worked tirelessly to protect our coastal communities from the green mob.
    More information on John – http://www.freedompub.org/profiles/blogs/introducing-you-to-two

  12. Sundance says:

    My ears hurt! This rap made me want to chop down a tree and start it on fire. 🙂

  13. roger says:

    Do rappers and their fans actually have brains?

  14. Me says:

    Well I got as far as 26 seconds into it and had to stop when Freddy Krueger started laughing.

  15. ann says:


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