Where Do I Apply For My Share?

Joe Romm, a former Clinton administration official who now runs the popular blog Climate Progress, said any effort to address climate change in Congress will run into opposition from a number of powerful industry interests.

The disinformation campaign is incredibly well funded,” he said. “There’s a staggering amount of money in it.

That kind of pisses me off. All that big oil money funding this conspiracy and I am not getting my share. Does big oil have an online application?

But he said the effects of climate change will become more obvious over time, forcing skeptics to change their tune. “Come 2020 we’re going to be desperate to respond to global warming and the skeptics will be condemned,” he said.


I assume that Joe is putting his money where his mouth is, and investing in beach front property in Nunavut. I personally am looking forward to snorkeling the coral reefs of Greenland.

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7 Responses to Where Do I Apply For My Share?

  1. Yarmy says:

    “The disinformation campaign is incredibly well funded,” he said. “There’s a staggering amount of money in it.”

    If Marc Morano’s site is anything to judge by, it’s not being spent on web design. Anyway, “big oil disinformation” if such a thing exists is massively dwarfed by the kind of income the various green organisations can rake in. Some numbers:

    World Wildlife Fund
    Year Income ($US)
    2003 370,245,000
    2004 468,889,000
    2005 499,629,000
    2006 549,827,000
    2007 663,193,000
    TOTAL 2,551,783,000

    Year Income (US$) Income (Euros)
    1994 137,358,000 —————-
    1995 152,805,000 —————-
    1996 139,895,000 —————-
    1997 125,648,000 —————-
    1998 —————- 110,833,000
    1999 —————- 126,023,000
    2000 —————- 143,646,000
    2001 —————- 157,730,000
    2005 —————- 173,464,000
    2006 —————- 171,367,000
    2007 —————- 204,982,000
    2008 —————- 196,620,000
    TOTAL 555,706,000 1,284,665,000

    Serious money. According to Greenpeace itself, the CEI has received $2.2m dollars since 1998 from ExxonMobil and I daresay they bung a few quid towards other conservative think tanks too, but it really doesn’t compare. When was the last time you saw a poster or tv ad haranguing you about the non-dangers of AGW?

    • Mike Davis says:

      I do believe Greenpeace is hiding some income! Or maybe they have just split it to regional Greenpeace groups now. I think I saw a report from Greenpeace Bikini Atoll or maybe it was Greenpeace Pike’s Peak, Colorado.

  2. sunsettommy says:

    I could use a small amount to pay for my humble climate skeptic forum.

    But “big oil” does not think I am big enough.

    He he…

  3. Tony Duncan says:


    the climate scientists I know are all rather pissed that they aren’t getting any of those Gore or Soros Millions either. I think you should all get together and Strike until the respective benefactors pony up!

  4. peterhodges says:

    hehe. well if joe romm is considered popular, what do they call realscience? don’t you get more traffic?

    and who is joe to talk about big money…

    look who pays his bills

  5. peterhodges says:

    that video still brings tears to my eyes…

    “what happened to your 700billion dollars? well basically, it belongs to me now…”

    anyway soros and the sandlers fund the foundation behind climateprogress

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