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Hottest Year Ever : Arctic Temperatures Continue To Plummet

http://ocean.dmi.dk/arctic/meant80n.uk.php The Arctic is one of many fastest warming places on Earth.

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US Winter Temperatures Dropping At A Rate Of 40 Degrees Per Century

Since the start of the millennium, US winter temperatures have been plummeting. http://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/oa/climate/research/cag3/na.html It was also the snowiest decade on record in the Northern Hemisphere.

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Climate Change Threatens Lebanon

They are going to lose their trees, water, rain, snow, tourism, agriculture, skiing, economy, and will probably drown from rising sea level. http://af.reuters.com/

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Bill Clinton Warns That Taiwan Will Be Drowned By Global Warming

Clinton arrived in Taipei on Sunday afternoon for a 24-hour whirlwind trip as part of a speaking tour in Asia sponsored by a Singaporean company. In his speech, he warned of the consequences of global warming, and said every island … Continue reading

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Winter Snow Cover Moving South

February 13, 2010 – Snowcover in at least 49 states, possibly all 50. The graph below show the Rutgers snow extent, for all months since 1990 which had extent greater than 45 million km².  As you can see, winter snow … Continue reading

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Hansen : “all hell is going to break loose”

Will oceans surge 59 centimetres this century – or 25 metres? When Al Gore predicted that climate change could lead to a 20-foot rise in sea levels, critics called him alarmist. After all, the International Panel on Climate Change, which … Continue reading

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Arctic Commercial Shipping Update

Temperatures are -25C and the Arctic Ocean is full of ice for thousands of miles. Green represents areas where ice is present in 2010 and wasn’t in 2007. Red shows the opposite.

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Why Do Alarmists Hate Christianity?

The Book of Revelations and climate models say the same thing. “And the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river, the Euphrates; and its water was dried up” Dust storms scour Iraq. Freak floods wreak havoc in … Continue reading

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People Made Fun Of Nancy Reagan’s Astrologer

http://community.sprint.com/ Secretary Chu can see the danger coming. And he knows the future. In Midwest cities such as St. Louis, Mo., one-third of the year — 120 days — will be above 90 degrees. The real danger with global warming … Continue reading

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“humans will not be able to survive”

THERE may come a point, if the world warms enough, when parts of the tropics will become so hot and humid that humans will not be able to survive. Models predict that this could start to happen in places in … Continue reading

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