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Romm Post Election Keywords

All from one article! destroy a livable climate for our children the awful truth at the expense of people’s health and safety “Climate is gone,” the planet will take 100,000 years to recover permanently warmer Arctic altering weather patterns catastrophe. … Continue reading

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Global Warming Can Now Change The Past

  The UN fears that the last 20 years of development will be stalled by destruction of the environment and climate change. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ Hansen figured out that global warming can change the past, more than decade ago.

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Goose eggs could help polar bears survive global warming


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Young People Leading The World Back To Sanity

The resilience of human beings is impressive. Despite decades of brainwashing by mentally ill baby boomers who fried their minds on mind altering substances in the 1960s, students are showing the ability to start over and take charge of their … Continue reading

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CO2 Is The New Laughing Gas

Forget the Greek philosophers and Nietzsche. The UN has determined the real root of happiness – CO2. http://www.redorbit.com/ Apparently UN scientists have discovered a new chemical reaction:

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No Change At The Sólheimajökul Glacier In Iceland Since 2007


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No Change At The Store Glacier in Greenland Since 2007


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Earth Warming At 10C Per Century

I’m just back from the Hansen cherry-picking seminar and was shocked to learn that the Earth is warming at a rate of 10C per century. Equally as troubling was the realization that it is cooling at a rate of almost … Continue reading

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Toronto Worried About Global Warming As Massive Arctic Blast Approaches

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Ice Not Disappearing At Mendenhall Glacier

James Balog from The University Of Colorado set up a camera to capture ice loss at Mendenhall Glacier Alaska, and seems to have shown the opposite. Time 00:00 is 2007, and time 00:26 is either 2009 or 2010. The video … Continue reading

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