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NYT : Getting Dumb And Dummerer

Some idiot builds a house on a cliff made of soft sediment, next to the ocean, a few miles away from the San Andreas Fault – and the NYT blames their plight on global warming. http://green.blogs.nytimes.com/ Sea level hasn’t changed … Continue reading

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Will There Be Enough Death Trains This Winter?

Pierre Gosselin reports on extreme cold headed for Europe. Hopefully there are still enough of Hansen’s “coal death trains” around to prevent too many people freezing to death this winter. Governments have been working hard to replace coal with imaginary energy … Continue reading

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“US climate scientists fight back”

The fight is on. After a year of attacks, climate scientists in America today launch a new website aimed at closing the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding of global warming. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/nov/22/us-climate-scientists-fight-back Just as record cold sweeps across North America and … Continue reading

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California Orange Crop Freezes While Arnie Busy Solving Global Warming

Freeze Coming to California Orange Groves The stormy, snowy weather pattern underway in the West will culminate with a mid- to late-week freeze over California’s San Joaquin Valley, home to many orange groves. Temperatures over the lower part of the valley, … Continue reading

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Cold Blast Across The West

http://www.weatherstreet.com/data/TEM_045.jpg Freezing temperatures are forecast across almost the entire western half of the country Thursday, with below zero (F) temperatures expected in almost every western state. Many states will see temperatures colder than -10F. This is November of Hansen’s “hottest … Continue reading

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Repost : Winter Temperatures Plummeting In The Northern Hemisphere Over The Last Decade

Over the past decade, winter temperatures over most of the US, Canada, Europe, Russia and much of Asia have been falling at a rate of five to fifty degrees C per century.

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WUWT Follow Up To The Santa Fe Story

Anthony made a low carbon “flash flood.” It is pretty funny. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2010/11/21/wuwts-flash-flood-has-a-much-lower-carbon-footprint-that-bill-mckibbens-350-org-flash-flood/

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Arctic Ice vs. ENSO

The graph above is the five year running mean of ENSO (red/blue) vs. Arctic ice area anomaly (black line.) See anything interesting that happened in 1977 and 2007?

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Climate Superstition Is As Old As The Human Race

New high priests. Same superstition. Same old story. Your behaviour is causing the climate to misbehave. Repent or die. The only difference with the current superstition is that this time there is no evidence – outside of some computer models … Continue reading

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Record Cold Forecast For France

Current NCEP forecast indicates that parts of France could see the coldest autumn temperatures ever recorded. From the forecast map, it looks to me like below -10C in Grenoble – which might well break the record for their coldest autumn … Continue reading

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