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It Is Worse Than We Thought : Record Rains In Pakistan Caused Some Of The Worst Flooding In Centuries

Armageddon come true. Ruined wheat crops, drought, famine. It can mean only one thing. You guessed it. Global cooling. Time Magazine : June 24, 1974 http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,944914,00.html

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Romm : Clueless In Santa Fe

Once again, Romm blames something he knows nothing about on climate change. I worked one summer in the 1980s as a wilderness ranger in the mountains above Santa Fe and have some familiarity with the drainage. The river has been … Continue reading

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The Primary Driver Of Climate

During the winter, the primary driver of climate is sea surface temperatures. Every mainstream seasonal weather forecaster will tell you the same thing. During the summer, soil moisture also becomes important. Until someone establishes a link between sea surface temperature … Continue reading

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James Cameron Achieves Gravity Neutral Lifestyle

While generating massive amounts of CO2. flying high on a Zero Gravity Corporation jet (over) California with Jon Landau, Brooke Anderson, Suzy Amis Cameron, James Cameron, Peter Diamandis, Julie Landau and Jim Gianopulos. http://online.wsj.com/ But all you little people need … Continue reading

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Home Is Where The Heart Is


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You Can’t Shoot Any Better Than This

Meanwhile, Chelsea has forgotten how to score and Arsenal can’t play for 90 minutes. West Ham should volunteer for early relegation.

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Greenland Threatening To Flood The World

Much of the research to prove warming occurs in Greenland, where huge ice floes and glaciers are melting at more rapid rates, threatening to flood the world. http://www.columbiatribune.com/news/2010/nov/21/global-warming/  

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Climate Change In The 14th Century

Nothing ever changes. The Great Famine- The beginning of the 14th Century is marked by one of the great disasters of human history. The rain started in 1315, and continued particularly in the summers for 7 years. “A physical chill … Continue reading

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Benjamin Franklin : “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both”

Other Franklin quotes :

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

A WARMER EARTH EVIDENT AT POLES; Arctic Findings in Particular Support Theory of Rising Global Temperatures February 15, 1959, Sunday Special to The New York Times. Page 112, 305 words DISPLAYING FIRST PARAGRAPH – WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 — The theory that … Continue reading

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