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Global Warming Hitting Russia Hard!

http://www.wunderground.com/ For the past four days, autumn temperatures in Ojmjakon, Russia have been hovering around -60F. I’ll bet they are really looking forward to winter when it arrives! Temperatures across Russia and Mongolia are running 5-15C below normal, because this … Continue reading

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UK Met Office Says The Human Fingerprint In Warming The Climate Has Been Found!

Inside the red circle.

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Antarctic Ice Above Normal 83% Of The Time Since Mid-2007

It mirrors the Arctic.

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Romm : Met Office finds “evidence for man-made warming has grown even stronger in the last year.”

Central England Temperatures are the coldest on record for the date. The evidence is right outside the Met Office window.

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$100 Billion Dollars A Year To Help Poor Countries Cope With Climate Change

We have gotten so used to Obama’s wild spending spree that sometimes we forget how much of our money he is spending. Last Christmas, Hillary promised $100 billion per year to stop climate change. As Scott point out, that is … Continue reading

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Julia Smiles For The Camera – Promises To Raise Energy Prices


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Hottest Year Ever : Cold Southern Hemisphere

I merged the Unisys SST anomaly map with the NOAA land temperature anomaly map to make the video below. Southern Hemisphere temperatures have collapsed to far below normal during November.

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Met Office : World Warming Faster Than Previously Thought

Ten years ago they told us that “snow is a thing of the past” and now they tell us that things have warmed faster than expected since. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/nov/29/snow-warning-eastern-uk

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Oil Well Heats The Planet

http://planetsave.com/ The other object in the picture has nothing to do with planetary temperature. The Met Office makes an amazing discovery right before Cancun. What a stroke of good fortune for the occupants of this planet. The Met Office report … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists Discover A Myriad Of Catastrophies Right Before Cancun

Completely unrelated to politics and the requirements of future funding, people calling themselves climate scientists have made all kinds of amazing discoveries in the past two weeks showing that the world is heating up out of control even faster than … Continue reading

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