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Global Warmers Worried That Their Multi-Decade Propaganda Campaign Has Not Been Effective

They think that they need to talk about it some more. http://www.nytimes.com/

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Global Warming Can Solve The National Debt

CO2 molecules make lovely Christmas ornaments. Economists and political strategists attending an economic summit Thursday said it is critical for New Hampshire, New England and the country to understand that climate change has to be part of the equation in … Continue reading

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Tree Rings Cause Global Warming

Proxy studies show that a warmer climate is caused by wider tree rings. The correlation was perfect until 60 years ago, when tree rings were replaced by USHCN adjustments as the primary driver of climate. Tree rings also show that the … Continue reading

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Antarctica Is Our Fault

Antarctica should be melting down because of all the CO2 we are dumping into the air. Instead it is getting colder there and sea ice is increasing. This is also our fault because we are destroying the ozone hole, making … Continue reading

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The Met Office Warned Us!

Scottish ski industry could disappear due to global warming, warns Met Office http://www.cairngormmountain.co.uk/ h/t to M Carpenter

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How Much Can You Pack Into One Article?

Marc Morano sent this over, It is a treasure trove of misinformation and fun. I’ll tackle it one piece at a time. In recent years, for example, the water level of Lake Powell (it covers portions of Utah and Arizona) … Continue reading

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“Cool It” In Georgia

This must be what Lomborg was talking about. Albany, Georgia raw maximum temperatures. No trend.

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Nature Celebrates The Global Warming Conference With Record Cold


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C++ For Climate Gurus

Most climate science code is in Fortran. Here is a useful C++ code snippet in case they ever want to switch over. float record_temperature = yearly_temperatures[2005]; float 2010_temperature = yearly_temperatures[2010]; while (2010_temperature < record_temperature) { for (int month = 0; … Continue reading

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Taladega Nights

USHCN is never one to disappoint. They turned a nighttime long term cooling trend (red line below) in Taladega, into a steep warming trend (blue line below) – through the power of the modern computer loaded with junk cutting-edge software. … Continue reading

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