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Desperate To Believe Bad News

Anyone who hasn’t devoted their life to mindless global warming hysteria is a “radical.” http://voices.washingtonpost.com/

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Democrats Cause Global Warming

Democratic presidencies are marked in blue. Carter started the period of modern global warming in 1976, and the hottest year ever (2010) was caused by Obama’s hot air. Grover Cleveland started the warming of 1893. Franklin Roosevelt also was a … Continue reading

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Warming Will Wreck Willy Wonka

http://www.alternet.org/ h/t to Marc Morano

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Manhattan Is Still Above Water

Excellent news. Despite predictions (made by the world’s most brilliant and respected climatologist) that Manhattan should be drowning already, webcam images from this morning show that Times Square is still barely hanging on. The West Side Highway [which runs along the … Continue reading

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GISS : Fighting For #1

During October, RSS showed a large drop of 0.232 from September. It appeared that the battle for 2010 as hottest year ever was doomed. 2010 is turning out much cooler than 1998, with no hope of catching up. But just … Continue reading

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GISS : Hiding The Decline On Land

Reader Benjamin Franz complained that the GISS graph I used included ocean temperatures, whereas the NCAR graph was land only. Fair enough. Below is the same comparison using GISS land-only temperatures. Here is the original graph which he objected to.

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Pravda Suggests A Timeless Solution To The Global Warming Scare

These apocalyptic events are so tiring that there is a great temptation to adopt the method of an ancient Chinese Emperor who would generously pay for predictions, but if they would not come true, would have the “fortune tellers” and … Continue reading

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Penguins Going Extinct From “Scant Sea Ice”

And global warming begat climate change. And climate change begat global climate disruption. And Al groped at the masseuse. And Pachauri wrote porn. And Mann hid the decline. And all hid from the dread FOI. Some creationists believe that world … Continue reading

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There Is Much More To The Bicycle Story

Getting hit by the car was only a tiny part of the story. I need some time to think about what happened today before I write further. It was an an abomination. I’m not going to say any more at … Continue reading

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Something John Cook And I Agree About

So next time someone shows you a “statistically significant” result, do tell them: “I don’t care how low your p-value is. Show me the physics and tell me the size of the effect. Then we can discuss whether your hypothesis … Continue reading

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