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Shock News : Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Have Dropped 90% In Colorado Since August

On the CSU web site, I was shocked to learn that concentrations of the most important greenhouse gas have dropped more than 90% since August 24 – when it occupied fifteen  g/m³ of the atmosphere! In recent days, this gas … Continue reading

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Russian Heat Wave Continues

http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/24688.html The press seems to have lost interest in Russian weather – for some reason.

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Same Pattern As Last Winter

Last winter, the negative AO pushed cold air south across Europe, Russia and the US. We are seeing the same thing this winter, only much earlier and colder – due to La Niña.

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Met Office Shooting For #1 – We Have Jumped To #67

http://botd.wordpress.com/?lang=en It is going to be tough to beat PopWatch and Epic Fail Videos – unless we employ Met Office statisticians.

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“It’s all over, Paul”

One of my favourite movie lines : You’re going to have to do it right here, Schaeffer. Don’t try me, Johnny! So… will you kill us all, then? It’s all over, Paul. Move! Or you die right here! Corrupt government … Continue reading

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Hottest Year Ever : Flashback To Winter

As The Met Office prepares to cook the 2010 books, below is a nice snapshot of early winter 2010 – before the really cold weather hit. The climate experts assume we are both stupid and have a very short memory. … Continue reading

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It Is Hot Where The Poor People Live

Global warming seems to have missed Europe, Australia and North America, but we are told it is selectively targeting the countries where poor people live. http://www.guardian.co.uk/

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The Met Office Challenge

http://www.sodahead.com/ The Met Office has announced their intentions to bump 2010 up to #1. (I can’t imagine which US agency might have pressured them to do that.) But their challenge is more difficult than just pushing 1998 down. The also … Continue reading

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NYT Blames Sediment Compaction On Global Warming

As sea levels rise, tidal flooding is increasingly disrupting life here and all along the East Coast, a development many climate scientists link to global warming. But Norfolk is worse off. Situated just west of the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, … Continue reading

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European Snow Forecast

All of The UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, The Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Kaliningrad and Lithuania. Most of France, Russia, Ireland, Latvia, Finland, and half of Spain. And it isn’t even December yet! http://www.snow-forecast.com/maps/static/europe/next3to6days/snow

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