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Christmas Shopping Idea For Your Teenager

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Richard Leakey : The End Is Near

Optimistic Pessimist: Fossil hunter Richard Leakey believes the end of the world is near — yet he’s hopeful. He seems to be joining ranks with Ehrlich and Holdren, but from looking at his picture, I’m guessing that the global food … Continue reading

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What Happened To The Anasazi?

For 250 years starting around the year 900AD, the Anasazi had the dominant culture in what is now the southwest US. Their structures at Chaco Canyon were the largest buildings in North America until the 19th century. They were driven … Continue reading

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The 1887 Hurricane Season

Must Be Global Warming Despite the lack of satellites in 1887, nineteen tropical cyclones were detected. Undoubtedly a number more were missed. Four hurricanes hit the US that year, among seventeen which hit between 1886 and 1889. Four years in … Continue reading

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More Good News From The Guardian

Maybe the new Congress can find out how John Holdren got to be science advisor, and why Obama refuses to listen to scientists with viewpoints that don’t match his political agenda.  

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Springtime In Antarctica : Windchill -119F

No wonder Holdren thinks the poles will be ice free.,106.87000275

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Had Crut Can See The Future

They have already calculated the 2010 temperatures! Without the last three months of the year. How cool is that? It is amazing enough to do this for normalised data, but not as skillful as GISS – who can calculate absolute … Continue reading

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Alarmists Shoot Themselves In The Foot

First our friends claimed that the 1945-1975 cooling never happened. Then they decided that it did happen, but was due to human generated pollution. Just for fun, let’s play along with their silly game and accept what they say now … Continue reading

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Hottest Year Ever : Southern Hemisphere Temperatures Have Crashed

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Greenland Meltdown : Windchill -108F,-38.45000076 Isn’t Barbara Boxer about due for a fact finding trip?

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